World Cup

by John Rendon on July 28, 2014

World Cup

Every four years, I REALLY enjoy the World Cup, as it is one of the events in which one can watch and truly enjoy excellence in Sports.

This year, as I traveled with a few more years, as well as miles, on my carbon life form, I was struck by two extraordinary distinguishing characteristics of the World Cup that, I now share.

First, during the qualifying round people from every country, change their nationality (their identity) as much as four times a day and can’t change their minds about political issues the rest of the year.

Second, the only real place to watch and enjoy the World Cup is at an International Airport. All year long, day in and day out, travelers look at each other but never see each other, except for the five weeks of the World Cup. At large screens outside bars and restaurants within the common space, we all call airports  (or as I have often times described them- shopping malls with gates), people gather in groups of fifty and make best friends for 15 minutes, to once only, never ever, meet again. During these 15 minutes of eternity, they discuss angles of attack, Teams, goalies, referees, shots, scores and of course Gooooooooaaaaaallllll.

Being a Diehard Red Sox fan, I truly understand disappointment and despair, frustration and fear, which is why I live in a zone comprised of angst, anxiety and anger as the last 10 minutes tick away — and “what is this thing called extra time?” I ask myself.

At the end of the day, month and this year’s World Cup,


Congratulations to Brazil for holding a great World Cup;




Congratulations to Germany for winning;




Congratulations to Argentina for showing us what ‘never give up’ really means;




Congratulations to the USA team, for bringing your passion to play; and



for me, Congratulations to Colombia for everything you did for your Nation and the world, and for me, you truly deserved to be in the quarter finals!




Nos vemos cuatro años.

By John Rendon, CEO of The Rendon Group.


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