Two Weeks Ahead (27APR – 10 May)

by TRG Alerts Admin on April 26, 2015


  • EUROPE REGION: A summit between top European Union officials and Ukraine’s leaders will take place in Kiev (27APR)
  • GLOBAL: The Milan Expo will start (01MAY to 31OCT)
  • UNITED STATES AND PHILIPPINES: Annual joint exercise Balikatan to be held (20APR to 30APR)
  • IRAN: Iran and the P5+1 will hold expert-level talks (29APR)
  • UNITED KINGDOM: General elections (07MAY)
  • RUSSIA: Anniversary of Victory Day – 1945
  • POLAND: General elections (10MAY)


  • Nothing to report.

Monday, April 27, 2015

  • Europe Region:  A summit between top European Union officials and Ukraine’s leaders will take place in Kiev
  • Global: United Nations Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference in New York City
  • Sierra Leone: Independence Day – 1961
  • South Africa: Freedom Day – 1994
  • Togo: Independence Day – 1960

 April 28, 2015

  • Algeria and China:  Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal will become the first Algerian head of government to visit China since the north African country won independence in 1962
  • Bangladesh: Bangladesh municipal elections
  • Iraq: Anniversary of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal – 2004
  • Japan and United States: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to hold a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington

 April 29, 2015

  • United States: Virtual Currency Today Summit in Boston
  • Iran: Iran and the P5+1 will hold expert-level talks
  • Ireland: Anniversary of the Easter Rising in Dublin collapsing as Irish nationalists surrender to British authorities – 1916

 April 30, 2015

  • Africa Region: US Troops to return from anti-Ebola efforts in West Africa
  • Latin America Region: Anniversary of the creation of the Organization of the American States – 1948
  • Guinea: Main opposition parties call for protests

May 01, 2015

  • Global: May Day
  • Global: The Milan Expo will start (through 31OCT15)
  • Algeria: Labour Day
  • Iraq: Anniversary of US President George W. Bush announcing the end of major combat operations in Iraq – 2003
  • United States and Georgia: Georgia and US military to hold joint military drill (to 25MAY)

May 02, 2015

  • Nothing to report.

May 03, 2015

  • Global: World Press Freedom Day – 2011
  • Japan: Constitution Day – 1947
  • Poland: Constitution Day – 1791

Monday, May 04, 2015

  • Central African Republic: Central African Republic’s transitional government will hold a peace forum (to 11MAY)
  • Israel and Palestinian Territories: Anniversary Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat sign autonomy accord in Cairo – 1994
  • Latvia: Anniversary of Declaration of Independence – 1990
  • Namibia: Cassinga Day – 1978
  • Syria: Separate talks with Syria rival sides to start in Geneva

 May 05, 2015

  • Ethiopia: Liberation Day/Patriots’ Victory Day – 1941
  • Europe Region: Anniversary of the establishment of the Council of Europe – 1949
  • Kyrgyzstan: Constitution Day – 1993
  • Mexico: Cinco de Mayo
  • Vietnam: Anniversary of first large U.S. military units arriving in Vietnam – 1965

 May 06, 2015

  • Jamaica: The U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort is scheduled to visit Jamaica to provide free medical assistance to residents
  • United States: Anniversary of German dirigible Hindenburg exploding and burning on landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey in the U.S., killing 36 – 1937

 May 07, 2015

  • South Africa: Anniversary of the day legislators in Johannesburg took oaths of office and blacks and whites sat down together for the first time to govern South Africa – 1994
  • United Kingdom: General elections

 May 08, 2015

  • Nothing to report.

 May 09, 2015

  • Britain: Anniversary of Britain passing parliamentary motion abolishing slave trade – 1788
  • Russia: Anniversary of Victory Day – 1945

 May 10, 2015

  • Poland: Poland general elections


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