Tomorrow’s Outlook: 31 August 2013

by TRG Alerts Admin on August 30, 2013

  • Global: Brazilian Carvalho de Azevedo will replace Pascal Lamy as WTO Director-General.
  • Iraq: Anniversary of the beginning of Operation New Dawn and the ending of Operation Iraqi Freedom – 2010.
  • Kyrgyzstan: Independence Day – 1991.
  • Malaysia: Merdeka Day, Independence Day – 1957.
  • Northern Ireland: Anniversary of Irish Republican Army declaring an open-ended cease-fire in its 24-year campaign against British rule – 1994.
  • Trinidad and Tobago: Anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago becoming an independent nation within British Commonwealth – 1962.
  • United States: State department global travel alert is set to expire.
  • Uzbekistan: Anniversary of independence from Soviet Union – 1991.

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