Tomorrow’s Outlook: 26 November 2013

by TRG Alerts Admin on November 25, 2013

  • Brunei: 6th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Forum on Migrant Labor (to NOV27)
  • India: Anniversary of the coordinated 2008 Mumbai attacks, killing 164 and wounding at least 308 – 2008
  • Iran: 31st Anniversary of Day Basij – 1979
  • Iran: President Ahmadinejad must appear before criminal court following complaint lodged by parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani
  • Iran: Turkey’s FM Ahmet Davutoglu will visit Iran (to NOV27)
  • Italy and Russia: Intergovernmental talks in the 2+2 format to take place in Trieste, Italy
  • Nigeria: Oil & Gas Fundamentals 2013 in Lagos (to 28NOV)
  • Scotland: Scottish government’s white paper setting out its platform on independence set to be published

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