Tomorrow’s Outlook: 06 September 2013

by admin on September 5, 2013

  • China and United States: Joint China-US naval exercises will begin in Pearl Harbor.
  • East Timor and Indonesia: Anniversary of Indonesia’s imposition of martial law in East Timor as thousands of people fled the province and pro-Indonesian militias continued a wave of terror – 1999.
  • Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: Anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union – 1991.
  • Germany: Anniversary of Israeli Olympic hostages killed in gun battle – 1972.
  • India and Pakistan: Anniversary of Indian Army’s invasion of West Pakistan – 1965.
  • Kazakhstan: Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay his first official visit to Kazakhstan (to 08SEP).
  • Palestinian Territories: Anniversary of PM Mahmoud Abbas’ resignation after a prolonged power struggle with Palestinian President Yasir Arafat – 2003.
  • South Sudan and Sudan: Sudan’s extended deadline to cut off oil exports¬† from South Sudan.
  • Swaziland: Anniversary of independence – 1968.
  • Ukraine: Hearing of jailed former PM and opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko postponed to this date.

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