The Rendon Group Snapshot Report – 17 February 2014

by TRG Alerts Admin on February 17, 2014

The Rendon Group Snapshot Report



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Upheaval in Bahrain on Anniversary of 2011 Uprising

This week’s snapshot focuses on the civil unrest during the anniversary of the February 2011 uprising in the country. Pro-democracy protesters staged rallies, which led to clashes with police forces. The upheaval has resulted in one death so far, of police personnel.

News Summary of events during the week of 10FEB-17FEB

  • On 11FEB, Bahrain bolstered security as radical groups called to stage mass rallies marking the anniversary of 2011 anti-government protests. (Xinhua)
  • On 13FEB, pro-democracy demonstrators clashed with police. (AFP)
  • On 13FEB, the Interior Ministry arrested 29 protesters over “rioting and vandalism” in villages outside of Manama. (AP)
  • On 14FEB, a bomb attack struck police bus in the Shiite village of Daih. (AP)
  • On 14FEB, UNSG Ban Ki-moon urged Bahrainis to exercise restraint and refrain from violent acts. (Xinhua)
  • On 15FEB, a policeman died from wounds sustained in Daih. (AFP)
  • On 15FEB, tens of thousands protested in the southern Budaiya region. (VoA)
  • On 16FEB, activist Zainab al-Khawaja was released from prison after being held for nearly a year. (AP)


Sample of Twitter handles regarding Bahrain

@maryamalkhawaja: Maryam Alkhawaja, acting president of Bahrain Center for Human Rights

@marcowenjones: Marc Owen Jones, Bahrain expert & PhD candidate at Durham University

@alosamamd: Dr. Osama Alaradi, Bahraini physician and professor of medicine

@nazihasaeed: Naziha Saeed, Bahraini journalist, France 24 & Monte Carlo correspondent

@saidyousif: S. Yousif Almuhafda, head of monitoring, Bahrain Center for Human Rights


Sample of Third Party Validators regarding Bahrain


Reda al-Fardan, Founding member, Bahrain Watch

“We have seen in the past that the government best responds to pressure from international organizations and from its own allies.”

–       Bahrain’s PR sheen can’t hide abuse allegations, Deutsche Welle, 14FEB14


Brian Dooley, Director, Human Rights First’s Human Rights Defender Program

“The U.S. government’s voice on Bahrain’s human rights problems has faltered over the last three years, apparently uncertain about how to best exert its influence to press for democratic reform via its military relationship, and the presence of its Fifth Fleet.”

–       Bahrain’s Soldier Sailor Sunni Shia Struggle, Huffington Post, 07FEB14


Vincent Iacopino, Doctor, Physicians for Human Rights

“First and foremost it [tear gas] is being used against peaceful demonstrators to quash opposition or rights of freedom of assembly. And it is also being aimed directly at protesters, at close range.”

–       Bahrain’s government ‘addicted to teargas’, Deutsche Welle, 04FEB14


Mohammed al-Maskati, President, Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights

“Mohammed al-Maskati said his group recorded 38 protesters injured in clashes since Thursday evening. The injuries were caused by birdshot fire, tear gas and beatings, he said.”

–       Bahrain: Blasts Hit Police 3 Years After Uprising, Associated Press, 14FEB14


Justin Gengler, Senior Researcher, Qatar University

“Each of the country’s three main political conflicts – opposition versus government, Sunnis versus Shi’ites and reformists versus obstructionists within the ruling family – continues unabated.”

–       Low-level conflict afflicts Bahrain on 3rd uprising anniversary, Reuters, 14FEB14



Sample of open source research conducted by TRG analysts related to Bahrain


1. Bahrain beefs up security ahead of anti-gov’t protest anniversary


Media: Xinhua (China)

Byline: N/A

Date: 11 February 2014


MANAMA, Feb. 11(Xinhua) — Bahrain’s police on Tuesday beefed up security amid radical groups’ calls to stage mass rallies to mark the anniversary of the 2011 anti-government protests in the kingdom.


Chief of Public Security Major General Tariq Al Hassan said that the government has strengthened measures to revive the national dialogue with opposition groups, and that any illegal and violent acts that disrupt security and general order will not be tolerated.


“Incitement on social media is considered a crime that should be penalized by law. Those responding to such calls will also face penalty,” he warned, adding that the police will take “all necessary steps to protect the people’s safety and property as well as the interests of the nation.”


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2. Bahrain protesters clash with police on uprising anniversary


Media: Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Byline: N/A

Date: 14 February 2014


DUBAI, Feb 14, 2014 (AFP) – Bahraini protesters marking the third anniversary of an Arab Spring-inspired uprising clashed with security forces on Friday in the capital Manama and in outlying villages, witnesses said.


Hundreds of men and women took to the streets in parts of the capital and in Shiite villages that have been at the forefront of the campaign among the Gulf state’s Shiite majority for a consitutional monarchy in the Sunni-ruled Gulf kingdom.


They were met with tear gas and birdshot, the witnesses said, adding that several demonstrators were wounded.


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3. Bahrain police bus in bomb attack in Shiite village


Media: Associated Press (AP)

Byline: N/A

Date: 14 February 2014


DUBAI, Feb 15, 2014 (AFP) –


A bomb struck a bus carrying Bahrain police yesterday as anti-government protesters clashed with police on the third anniversary of mass demonstrations.


The interior ministry said on Twitter feed that the explosion happened in the mainly Shiite village of Daih.


A ministry official near the scene of the blast said three police officers were injured.


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4. UN chief calls for restraint amid clashes in Bahrain


Media: Xinhua (China)

Byline: N/A

Date: 14 February 2014


UNITED NATIONS, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon on Friday urged Bahrainis to exercise restraint and refrain from violent acts, after clashes between demonstrators and security forces have reportedly led to injuries.


In a note to correspondents, Ban said he regrets that three years after the eruption of protests in Bahrain, tensions have persisted. “He has urged the authorities to act in strict accordance with their international human rights obligations.”


According to reports, clashes between security forces and protesters erupted in the Bahraini capital Manama on Friday, the third anniversary of Bahrain’s Feb. 14, 2011 protests, when thousands of people took to the streets in unprecedented numbers asking for political reforms in the majority-Shiite country governed by a powerful Sunni party.


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5. Clashes mark anniversary of Bahrain uprising


Media: Al Jazeera

Byline: N/A

Date: 14 February 2014


Security forces have clashed with protesters trying to march towards the Bahraini capital’s symbolic Pearl Roundabout to mark the third anniversary of the country’s uprising, witnesses said.


Protesters, who gathered in several Shia villages on Friday to walk towards the roundabout, where demonstrators camped out for a month in early 2011 before being violently dispersed by troops, were met with tear gas and bird shot, according to witnesses who spoke to AFP.


Several demonstrators were wounded as forces beefed up security around the area and dispersed protesters emerging from nearby villages, sources said.


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6. Blast kills Bahrain policeman during uprising protests


Media: Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Byline: N/A

Date: 15 February 2014


DUBAI, Feb 15, 2014 (AFP) -A Bahraini policeman has died of wounds he sustained in a bomb blast during protests marking the anniversary of a 2011 Arab Spring-inspired uprising, the interior ministry said on Saturday.


The “terrorist explosion” in the Shiite village of Dair outside the capital took place late on Friday and wounded “two on-duty policemen assigned to secure the road,” the ministry said on Twitter, without giving details.


It was the second reported blast during the protests marking the third anniversary of the uprising among the Shiite majority for a constitutional monarchy in the Sunni-ruled Gulf state.


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