ONS – 11 November 2010

by Chris Dufour on November 15, 2010


Overnight News Summary

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14 November 2010


AFRICA: Sudanese army says JEM groups attempt to infiltrate southwards
ASIA: Karzai wants US to reduce military operations
EUROPE: Russia studying arctic to bolster claim
LATIN AMERICA: Cholera continues to worsen in Haiti
MIDDLE EAST: Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant to join national power grid by January
TECHNOLOGY: WikiLeaks sets up limited company in Iceland


Afghanistan: U.S. and NATO allies to announce ‘transition’ strategy in Afghan War

  • The U.S. and NATO will declare next week that the war has made sufficient progress to begin turning security control over to the Afghan government by spring.
  • There will be no immediate troop withdrawals, as NATO will state its intention to keep combat troops in Afghanistan until 2014.
  • The contradicting messages are seen as an attempt to reassure U.S. and European audiences that the war is winding down.
  • Coverage: WAPO

Region: APEC leaders seek Pacific-wide free trade zone

  • No timetable for was set for its creation, but Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said that the general target was 2020.
  • APEC leaders also pledged to avoid raising more trade barriers and to roll back ones erected in the midst of crisis.
  • Coverage: AP


Sudan: Sudanese army says JEM groups attempt to infiltrate southwards

  • The Sudanese army said Saturday that it had attacked armed groups belonging to the Darfur rebel Justice and Equality Movement that were trying to infiltrate into south Sudan.
  • An SAF spokesman said that the JEM groups were seeking protection from the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement which governs southern Sudan.
  • Coverage: Xinhua


Afghanistan: Karzai wants US to reduce military operations

  • Afghan President Hamid Karzai said in an interview with the Washington Post that the U.S. should end operations that aggravate Afghans and exacerbate the insurgency.
  • Karzai also said he wanted U.S. troops off the roads and out of Afghan homes because the long-term presence of so many foreign soldiers would only worsen the war.
  • Coverage: AFP, WAPO

Bangladesh: Clashes erupt as Bangladesh paralysed by opposition strike

  • Police clashed with protesters in Dhaka on Sunday as a nationwide strike called by the main opposition party brought the country to a standstill.
  • Clashes erupted as Bangladesh Nationalist Party activists staged protests over the eviction of BNP leader and former two-time premier Khaleda Zia from her home.
  • Coverage: AFP


Russia: Studying arctic to bolster claim

  • Russia is expanding its research on the Arctic Ocean floor to back its claim to resources there, an official said.
  • The official said new work was needed since previous expeditions used military equipment and were kept secret.
  • Coverage: UPI


Haiti: Cholera continues to worsen

  • The official death toll from Haiti’s cholera epidemic was around 800 on Saturday, but is likely higher as deaths frequently go unrecorded in remote areas.
  • So far, 12,303 cases have been confirmed, but the UN has said that as many 200,000 people could be affected and has asked asked donor nations for $164 million in aid.
  • Coverage: LAT


Iran: Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant to join national power grid by January

  • An official at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said that the country’s first nuclear power plant will join the national power grid in the next 40 days.
  • “The sanctions imposed on the country by the West could never undermine the country’s nuclear progress and Iran’s future nuclear advances will prove invalidation of enemies’ pressures,” the official said.
  • Coverage: Xinhua

Iraq: Sunni lawmakers return to Iraq parliament, apologize for walkout

  • Two days after walking out from parliament, members of the Sunni-backed Iraqiya party returned for a final vote to form a new government.
  • Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will remain in power.
  • LAT

Israel: Netanyahu unveils U.S. plan for new talks

  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed ministers a U.S. peace plan that includes a 90-day settlement freeze, a diplomatic source said.
  • In return, the U.S. offered Israel a package of security incentives and fighter jets worth $3 billion, contingent on the signing of a peace agreement.
  • A Peace Now report showed the settlers have been building new homes at a furious pace, while the Palestinian territories claim to be unaware of any new plans.
  • Coverage: Reuters, NYT, AFP, Xinhua


WikiLeaks sets up limited company in Iceland

  • WikiLeaks says it has set up a private limited company in Iceland for administrative purposes.
  • Spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson said WikiLeaks sets up bases in different countries to carry out tasks such as opening bank accounts, stressing that the move does not mean WikiLeaks is trying to profit from its operations.
  • Coverage: AP


Earthquake: Nothing to report.

Cyclones: Nothing to report.


Tropical depression 18W

  • 83 NM south-southeast of Da Nang, Vietnam.
  • Winds: 28 mph
  • Movement: 9.2 mph
  • Map

Volcano: Nothing to report.

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