ONS: 31 December 2014

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  • AFRICA: Beji Caid Essebsi has been sworn in as president of Tunisia.
  • AMERICAS: The US condemned Cuba’s treatment of dissidents.
  • ASIA: The recovery effort for AirBus A320 is stalled by bad weather in the Java Sea.
  • EUROPE: Thousands protest the conviction of Alexei Navalny in Russia’s Red Square.
  • MIDDLE EAST: A suicide bomber killed dozens at a celebration in Yemen.
  • TECHNOLOGY: In response to a ruling earlier this month claiming the company’s app did not meet compliance, Uber decided to suspend its operations in Spain.



  • A Palestinian draft to end its conflict with Israel was defeated at the UN Security Council after receiving “no” votes from the US and Australia.
    • The UN Security Council rejected a Palestinian resolution demanding an end to Israeli occupation within three years, a blow to efforts to get the UN’s most powerful body to take action to recognize an independent state of Palestine.
    • The United States and Australia voted against the measure. France, China and Russia were among the eight countries that voted for it. Britain and four other nations abstained.
    • While Abbas won support from the Arab bloc, critics said that the proposal’s language was too hardline and that advocates had failed to take enough time to work out a compromise that could have yielded nine votes.
    • US Ambassador Samantha Power called the draft “deeply imbalanced” and said it contained “many elements that are not conducive to negotiations between the two parties.”
  • Coverage: LAT, NYT, WaPo, WSJ



  • Region: The International Monetary Fund is under mounting pressure to cancel the debts of the three West African countries hit hardest by Ebola. (AFP)
  • Algeria: The government approved a draft amendment to a law fighting money laundering and terrorism funding. (XIN)
  • Gambia: An attempted coup by disaffected soldiers was launched and foiled while Pres. Jammeh visited Dubai. (AFP)
  • Tunisia: 88-year-old Beji Caid Essebsi has been sworn in as president after landmark polls in the country. (Al Arabiya)



  • Region: The US condemned the detention of several activists, in the first major test of Pres. Obama’s executive action toward normalizing relations with Cuba. (REU)
  • Canada: Police investigated the “senseless mass murder” of six adults and two children who were apparently slain by a depressed man who then killed himself. (AFP)
  • Mexico: A survivor of the June 30th mass killings that left 22 gang members dead confirmed that they were carried out by the Mexican Army. (AP)



  • Region: The massive hunt for 162 people who vanished over the Java Sea in Airbus A320 was severely limited due to heavy rain, wind and thick clouds. (AP)
  • Afghanistan: Approximately 200 insurgents ceased fighting and surrendered to the government in the provincial capital of Shiberghan. (XIN)
  • China: Seven were arrested and total of 45kg of crystal methamphetamine, and about USD 50,000 were seized in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. (XIN)
  • Kazakhstan: Five Guantanamo Bay prisoners were released to the country following 12 years of detention. (AP)
  • Korea, S.: Pres. Park said in her New Year’s message that she will end the 70- year war vowing to build an “actual and detailed” foundation for reunification. (XIN)



  • Region: Michael Fuchs, a senior member of German Chancellor Merkel’s party said “The times where we had to rescue Greece are over. There is no potential for political blackmail anymore. Greece is no longer of systemic importance for the euro.” (REU)
  • France: Pres. Hollande’s super tax was rejected by a court, rewritten and ultimately netted just a sliver of its projected proceeds. (AP)
  • Russia: Thousands rallied outside Red Square in the boldest anti-government demonstration in years to protest a conviction of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. (AP)



  • Region: The US and its allies conducted a total of 15 airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq, hitting several buildings and units. (XIN)
  • Iraq: The status of displaced families in the central part of the country was forcibly altered by Shi’ite militias who’ve expanded their influence in the region. (REU)
  • Israel: PM Netanyahu strived to remain leader of the ruling Likud party in an internal contest ahead of parliamentary elections on March 17. (DPA)
  • Syria: The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood called on the opposition factions not to take part in the Russian-hosted talks on national reconciliation. (Sputnik)
  • Yemen: Dozens were injured and at least 33 were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a celebration for the Prophet Muhammad in the city of Ibb. (REU)



  • Telecommunications: In response to a ruling earlier this month claiming the company’s app did not meet compliance, Uber decided to suspend its operations in Spain. (NYT)



  • Cyclones:
    • Tropical Depression 23W (Jangmi)
      • Location: 135mi N of Zamboanga, Philippines
      • Movement: SW at 11 mph
      • Winds: 35 mph
      • Map
    • Tropical Cyclone 04S (Kate)
      • Location: 780mi SW of Cocos Island, Australia
      • Movement: SSW at 10 mph
      • Winds: 110 mph
      • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Global Disease Outbreaks:
    • Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)
      • Cases: 19,498 (Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain, United States)
      • Deaths: 7,588 (Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, United States)
      • Sourcing: WHO, WHO-2, BBC
    • Chikungunya Virus Disease (CHIK)
      • Suspected Cases as of 13NOV: 885,926 (Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haití, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Montserrat, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sint Maarten, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, United States, US Virgin Islands, and Venezuela.)
      • Deaths as of 13NOV: 153 (Colombia, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Grenada, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Dominican Republic)
      • Sourcing: WHO, CDC, CDC-2
    • Novel Coronavirus (MERS-CoV, SARS-related)
      • Cases as of 26DEC: 941 (Saudi Arabia (KSA), Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Kingdom (UK), France, Tunisia, Italy, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Malaysia, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Iran, Algeria, Austria, Turkey and the US)
      • Deaths as of 17DEC: 347 (Saudi Arabia, France, Qatar, United Kingdom, UAE, Oman)



  • Global: New Year’s Day
  • Global: Serbia takes over the head of the OSCE
  • Afghanistan: US training mission to begin
  • Cuba: Anniversary of the revolutionary victory over Batista regime – 1959
  • Europe Region: Eurasian Economic Union to become operational
  • Europe Region: Anniversary of the splitting of Czechoslovakia – 1993
  • Haiti: Independence Day – 1804
  • Lithuania: Lithuania to adopt the euro currency
  • Sudan: Independence Day – 1956



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