ONS: 29 June 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on June 29, 2011


  • AFRICA: A NATO air strike killed eight civilians in Tawragha, Libya
  • AMERICAS: A colonel and five police officers were found guilty of crimes against state security in Ecuador
  • ASIA: North Korea threatened to launch “a retaliatory sacred war” against the South
  • EUROPE: Police in Greece fired teargas at protestors before a parliamentary vote on austerity measures
  • MIDDLE EAST: Saudi Arabia said it will begin to pull its troops out of Bahrain
  • TECHNOLOGY: Google launched a new social networking service called Google+


  • Afghanistan: Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel was attacked by Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers.
    • Ten people and eight suicide bombers were killed in the attack.
    • NATO helicopters fired on gunmen on the roof of the hotel, killing three of them.
    • A video of the aftermath of the attack was shared on social media.
    • Coverage: Bloomberg, CNN, Xinhua


  • Egypt: Security forces fired tear gas on protesters in Cairo after violent clashes left several injured. (WaPo)
  • Libya: The Gaddafi regime’s official news agency said a NATO air strike killed eight civilians and injured others in Tawragha. (Xinhua)
  • Senegal: The government deployed extra security forces to Dakar and warned against fresh violence after protests over power cuts. (AFP)


  • Ecuador: A colonel and five police officers were found guilty of crimes against state security for their role in an attempted coup. (AP)
  • United States: Police seized 531 kilograms of cocaine in Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands. (AP)
  • Venezuela: The government released new footage of Hugo Chavez as evidence he was recovering from surgery in Cuba despite speculation he may have cancer. (Reuters)


  • Korean Peninsula: North Korea accused the South of slander and threatened to launch “a retaliatory sacred war.” (BBC)
  • Pakistan: Vice Admiral William McRaven said Pakistani leaders show no sign they are ready to crack down on Haqqani militants. (AFP)
  • Philippines: The government said it would grant more permits to private firms to search for oil and natural gas in the South China Sea. (AFP)


  • Region: Russia cut power supplies to Belarus after it failed to make a late debt payment. (AFP)
  • Greece: Police fired teargas at protestors several hours before parliament was to vote on an austerity package. (AP)


  • Region: A Saudi military official said the kingdom plans to pull some of its 1,500 troops out of Bahrain. (AP)
  • Israel: The military deployed an Iron Dome rocket interceptor near Haifa. (Reuters)
  • Syria: Tanks shelled a hill region in the northwestern province of Idlib. (Reuters)


  • United States: Google launched a new social networking service called Google+, its rival to Facebook. (AFP)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report.
  • Hurricanes: Tropical Storm Arlene
    • Location: 215 miles E of Tampico, Mexico
    • Movement: WNW at 7 mph
    • Winds: 40 mph
    • Map
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


  • Zimbabwe: Referendum on constitution.
  • US: Defense Secretary Gates retires.
  • Global: Social Media day.
  • Croatia: Accession talks to the EU end.
  • Global: IMF Executive Board to choose next head.
  • Mexico: Anniversary of the Merida Initiative – 2008.
  • Philippines: First anniversary of President Aquino’s presidency.


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