ONS: 28 September 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on September 28, 2011


  • AFRICA: Sudanese security shut down an independent news paper  
  • AMERICAS: Guatemalan mayor assassinated by gunmen
  • ASIA: Ulleung announced as home of future $300 million South Korean naval base
  • EUROPE: Counter-terrorism operations began in Ingushetia
  • MIDDLE EAST: Iraq and US pledged to train Iraqi military
  • TECHNOLOGY: Council of Europe chartered user rights protections for Internet use


  • Syria: EU, UN revoked immediate sanctions
    • European states introduced a draft UN resolution stipulating sanctions but later omitted immediate sanctions
    • Syrian Christians continued to back Assad in hopes to prevent plunging further into unrest
    • Europe tightened embargo grip which forced Syria to seek new oil buyers
    • Coverage: NYT-1, NYT-2, VOA


  • Libya: Saif al-Islam appeared in TV footage where he rallied troops on 20 September. (Reuters)
  • Libya: Fighting in Sirte prevented aid agencies from accessing civilians. (Xinhua)
  • Sudan: Security officers shut down Al-Jarida, an independent news paper, in light of renewed political repression. (AFP)


  • Region: Organization of American States began a meeting in Washington focused on reducing drugs on the continent through renewed lens of public health. (EFE)
  • Chile: Student federation agreed to discuss education reform with the government. (AFP)
  • Colombia: Two policemen were kidnapped en route to a relay in Cauca. (Xinhua)
  • Guatemala:  Mayor Nery Alonso of Alta Verapaz was murdered by unidentified gunmen. (Xinhua)
  • Haiti: President Martelly released information that he would restore Haiti’s army. (AP)


  • Korea, South: Chung Mi-Kyung of the Grand National Party announced that Ulleung, an island claimed by Japan and South Korea, is to become a $300 million naval base by 2015. (AFP)
  • Pakistan: Police re-arrested Malik Ishaq, founder of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. (AP)
  • Pakistan: Pakistani Coast Guards arrested three drug traffickers and seized 2500 kgs of hashish. (The News)


  • Azerbaijan: FM Mamedyarov asked UN General Assembly to support its candidacy as Security Council non-permanent member. (Itar-Tass)
  • Russia:  Counter-terrorism operations began in Ingushetia. (RIA Novosti)


  • Region: Inspire, the Al-Qaeda magazine, has been reduced to nostalgia over 9/11. (Danger Room)
  • Iraq: FM Zebari said he believed Iraq and the US reached an agreement to train military personnel. (AP)
  • Yemen: Tribesmen opposed to President Saleh gunned down an army warplane. (AFP)


  • Technology: Council of Europe established plans for an Internet user charter to protect rights of consumers. (Reuters)
  • Technology: Cable operators worked privately to unbundle networks and offer “a la carte” subscriptions. (Reuters)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Storm 22W (Nalgae)
    • Location: 905 nm ENE Manila, Phillipines
    • Movement: W at 6 knots
    • Winds: 40 knots
    • Map
  • Cyclones: Tropical Storm 20W (Nesat)
    • Location: 600 nm ESE of Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Movement: WNW 09 knots
    • Winds: 65 knots
    • Map
  • Hurricanes (P): Hurricane Hilary
    • Location: 640 miles WSW off Baja, CA
    • Movement: NW at 7 mph
    • Winds: 90 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes (A): Hurricane Ophelia
    • Location: 205 miles E of Leeward Islands
    • Movement: NW at 3 mph
    • Winds: 30 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes(A): Hurricane Philippe
    • Location: 930 miles W of Cape Verde Islands
    • Movement: WNW at 12 mph
    • Winds: 40 mph
    • Map
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


  • Global: UN Security Council meets on Afghanistan.
  • Haiti: Anniversary of former President Aristide ousted in coup – 1991.


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