ONS: 28 June 2012

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  • AFRICA: Nigerian police arrested 147 on suspicion of reprisal attacks.
  • AMERICAS: Guatemalan courts sentenced 36 members of the Zetas cartel.
  • ASIA: Senior South Korean officials visited a contested trio of islets.
  • EUROPE: German Chancellor Merkel will address the Bundestag ahead of a vote on the European Stability Mechanism.
  • MIDDLE EAST: In Syria, Kofi Annan proposed a transitional authority.
  • TECHNOLOGY: News Corp approved to separate its publishing and entertainment businesses.


  • Turkey: Turkish troops deployed anti-aircraft missiles along the Syrian border.
    • Anti-aircraft missiles were deployed in the Yayladagi, Altinozu and Reyhanli border areas of Turkey’s southern Hatay province.
    • An anonymous Turkish official said Turkey is “taking precautions after its jet was shot down.”
    • The 5th Mechanized Armor Brigade was deployed in the Killis province, site of a large refugee camp.
    • Coverage:  Al Arabiya, AP, AP-2, NYT Reuters


  • Region: Week-long talks between Sudan and South Sudan broke up with little progress on the establishment of a secure border zone. (AFP)
  • DR Congo: The UN SC agreed to prolong the presence of UN peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for a year. (Xinhua)
  • Mali: French humanitarian organization ALIMA said tens of thousands are suffering from malnutrition in northern Mali, alongside more than 372,000 displaced by the conflict. (Reuters)
  • Nigeria: Police arrested 147 people on suspicion of reprisal attacks in the northern Kaduna state. (Xinhua)
  • Somalia: President Ahmed complained international donors were not considering effective methods to safeguard security aid. (Reuters)


  • Region: The US named five Colombia and Venezuela-based men as key players in a sprawling trafficking and money laundering network of alleged Hezbollah-linked Lebanese drug lord Ayman Joumaa. (AFP)
  • Guatemala: Courts sentenced 36 members of the Zetas drug cartel for various crimes, including the murder of prosecutor Allan Stewlinsky in May 2011. (Reuters)
  • Mexico: Presidential candidates wrapped up their campaigns ahead of Sunday’s election. (BBC)
  • United States: Tens of thousands of Colorado residents were displaced by wildfire. (CNN)
  • Venezuela: Justice Minister el Aissami says National Guard troops arrested three suspects and seized 5.3 tons of liquid cocaine. (AP)


  • Region: Senior members of South Korea’s ruling Saenuri party visited the Dokdo/Takeshima islets. (Kyodo)
  • Region: South Korea’s foreign ministry stated it believes a military accord with Japan will be signed as early as Friday. (Xinhua)
  • Afghanistan: The Taliban refused senior government official Mohammad Masoon Stanekzai’s offer to join the upcoming Kyoto peace talks. (Xinhua)
  • Burma: The government hailed a recent US report favorably grading Burma’s human rights progress. The report lowered Burma from Tier-2 to Tier-3, the lowest the country has received over the years. (Xinhua)
  • Japan: Hacker group Anonymous mistakenly attacked the Kasumigaura office of Japan’s land ministry after confusing its name with Kasumigaseki, an administrative district in Tokyo. (Kyodo)


  • Region: German Chancellor Angela Merkel will address Germany’s Bundestag ahead of a vote on the European Stability Mechanism. (AFP)
  • Region: The European Commission stated it will launch a “positive campaign” to secure EU reforms in light of Turkey’s refusal to acknowledge Cyprus’ presidency. (AFP)
  • Region: US Defense Secretary Panetta and his top weapons buyer warned US lawmakers that failure to fund the final year of development work on a joint ground-based missile defense program with Italy and Germany could have serious diplomatic and financial consequences. (Reuters)
  • Belarus: Roman Kashayev, the head of Russia’s delegation to the Human Rights Council, called the UN’s reports on Belarus’ human rights record as “a prospectless method of accusation and pressure on a sovereign state.” (Itar-Tass)


  • Bahrain: Chief of Public Security al Hassan said the police have seized over five tons of bomb making materials and 110 liters of chemicals when the police raided several locations in the country. (Xinhua)
  • Iraq: A series of attacks in Baghdad killed thirteen people and wounded more than fifty. (AP)
  • Israel: Palestinian President Abbas will meet with Israeli Vice Premier Mofaz to consider restarting peace negotiations. (Reuters)
  • Syria: Kofi Annan proposed a transitional authority to include both followers of al Assad and members of the opposition. (AFP)
  • Syria: Russian defense official Alexander Fomin announced Russia will resend three attack helicopters refurbished under a 2008 contract. (AP)
  • Yemen: Top foreign policy experts from the Atlantic Council and the Project on Middle East Democracy warned US President Obama that his Yemen policy, steered by lethal drone strikes on terror suspects, is not sustainable and could harm long-term US security. (AFP)


  • Corporate Restructuring: News Corps’ board approved the separation of its publishing and entertainment businesses to protect profitable sectors from the UK newspaper’s phone-hacking controversy. (BBC)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Depression 07W (Doksuri) Warning #07
    • Location: Near 19.2N, 124.7E
    • Movement: 335 Degrees at 14 KTs
    • Winds: Max Sustained 30 KTs; Gusts 40 KTs
    • Map
  • Hurricanes (Atlantic): Tropical Depression Debby
    • Location:  29.5 N, 78.3 W
    • Movement: E at 13 mph
    • Winds: 40 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes (Atlantic): 10% of Tropical Cyclone Formation
    • Location: 1500 Miles East of Southern Windward Islands
    • Map
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to Report
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to Report


  • Mongolia: Parliamentary polls open.


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