ONS: 28 January 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on January 28, 2011


  • AFRICA: Tunisian PM Ghannouchi announces 12 cabinet ministers were replaced amidst a Cabinet reshuffle
  • ASIA: A blast in a Kabul supermarket has killed six people.
  • EUROPE: About 7,000 protesters rallied in Hungary to protest a new media law.
  • LATIN AMERICA: Célestin has not yet decided whether to drop out of the race, despite pressure from the ruling Unity coalition.
  • MIDDLE EAST: Saad Hariri’s coalition has refused to join Lebanese PM Najib Mikati’s government.
  • TECHNOLOGY: OpenLeaks, a competitor to Wikileaks, has gone live.


  • Egypt: 2,000 protesters have gathered in front of Cairo’s Al-Azhar mosque
    • The Muslim Brotherhood announced that it will take part in Friday’s rally.
      • In response, authorities have arrested at least 8 leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    • Internet in Egypt has also suffered from a severe disruption.
      • Crowd-sourcing website Herdict has received 115 reports of inaccessible sites in Egypt for the past day.
    • Iran’s Ayatollah Khatami said the protests in Egypt mirrored Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution.
    • US Vice President Biden said Mubarak should not step down.
    • Coverage: DPA, AFP, CSM, AP


  • Ivory Coast: Cholera outbreak leaves 7 dead. (AP)
  • Nigeria: Sectarian clashes over a game of billiards left 4 dead in Tafawa Balewa, a town just west of Jos. (BBC)
  • Sudan: The UN-AU mission in Sudan alleged that troops of the Sudan Armed Forces carried out an aerial bombardment of rebel areas and threatened to burn a UNAMID refugee camp and peacekeeping site. (AFP)
  • Tunisia: PM Ghannouchi announced 12 cabinet ministers replaced and he would remain as PM. (BBC)


  • Afghanistan: A blast in a Kabul supermarket has killed six people. (AP, CNN)
  • Korean Peninsula: ROK will not demand an apology from the DPRK as a prerequisite for six party talks. (Reuters)
  • Pakistan: Police charged an American consular worker with a double murder. (BBC)
  • Thailand: An explosion in Pattani injured 4 soldiers and a Buddhist monk. (Xinhua)


  • Hungary: About 7,000 protesters rallied in Budapest to protest the new media law. (Bloomberg)
  • Ireland: PM Cowen will dissolve the parliament on Tuesday and set a date for the general election. (AP)
  • Switzerland: Small blast in Davos protesting the World Economic Forum, but there no casualties or injuries. (Reuters)


  • Haiti: Célestin has not yet decided whether to drop out of the race, despite pressure from the ruling Unity coalition. (Miami Herald, AFP)
  • Haiti: More than 4,000 people have died from cholera since the start of the outbreak (AFP)
  • Mexico: Authorities rescued 219 migrants from a truck, and the driver was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking (AP)
  • Mexico: Mass police resignation in the town of General Teran following drug cartel attacks. (AP)


  • Iraq: In the wake of Thursday’s car bomb at a Shi’a funeral service, residents demonstrated against the police. (NYT)
  • Lebanon: Saad Hariri’s coalition refused to join PM Najib Mikati’s government. (AFP)
  • Palestine: Settlers shot two Palestinians in a village near Hebron, West Bank. (CNN)

·         OpenLeaks, a competitor to Wikileaks, has gone live; however, it is not yet fully operational. (Fox)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to Report
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to Report
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to Report
  • Volcanoes: Mt. Shinmoe in southern Japan


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