ONS: 28 December 2010

by TRG Alerts Admin on December 28, 2010


  • AFRICA: Islamist sect claimed responsibility for the Nigerian Christmas Eve bombings.
  • ASIA: A nationwide terror alert in India has been issued.
  • EUROPE: Russia accused the US and European nations of interfering in Khodorkovsky trial.
  • LATIN AMERICA: Top ELN rebel “Tulio” was captured in Venezuela.
  • MIDDLE EAST: Netanyahu refused to apologize for raiding a Turkish flotilla.
  • TECHNOLOGY: The age gap for social media is narrowing.


  • Ivory Coast: Gbagbo faces a last-chance ultimatum as leaders of Benin, Cape Verde, and Sierra Leone flew to Abidjan to threaten military action if he does not step down.
    • Presidents Bon Yayi of Benin and Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone arrived first, and were to be joined at Abidjan airport by Pedro Pires of Cape Verde before holding separate talks with Gbagbo and his rival Alassane Ouattara.
    • Coverage: AFP


  • Nigeria: An Islamist sect claimed responsibility for the Christmas Eve bombings. (AFP)
  • Senegal: 7 soldiers were killed in clashes with rebel fighters in the southern Casamance region. (AP)
  • Somalia: A German chemical tanker seized by pirates in May was freed with all 22 crew members. (Xinhua)


  • Afghanistan: A special, 5-member tribunal organized by the Supreme Court will review complaints of fraud from the September parliamentary elections; it is unknown whether the tribunal has the power to overturn the final result. (AP)
  • China: Adm. Robert Willard claimed China is moving closer to deploying a ballistic missile designed to sink an aircraft carrier. (AP)
  • India: A nationwide terror alert was issued yesterday due to intelligence showing Pakistan extremist group Lashkar-e-Toiba may strike around the New Year.
    • Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Goa, and Bangalore are at high risk. (UPI)
  • Korea: South Korea was forced to rush a supply of new uniforms to avoid confusion after North Korean troops at the border were discovered to be wearing similar uniforms. (AFP)
  • Pakistan: A blast at University of Karachi (KU) has injured at least 15 people. (ANI)


  • Russia: The country accused the US and European nations of interfering in the trial of jailed tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
    • Khodorkovsky was found guilty on Monday of large-scale theft and money laundering. (Reuters)


  • Colombia: A National Police report claimed that 7,682 minors were arrested this year for transporting drugs in Colombia.
    • This is an 18% increase from the 6,509 figure in 2009. (EFE)
  • Colombia: Nilson Alvin Teran Ferreira (alias “Tulio”), a top ELN rebel, was captured in Venezuela. (AFP)
  • Venezuela: The country’s anti-narcotics policy has resulted in 12,376 arrests for drug- related crimes in 2010.
    • This is a 40% increase from 2009. (Reuters)


  • Iraq: 5 police officers were killed in an attack in western Mosul, while Iraqi security forces killed 3 men and arrested 7 others in a security operation in eastern Mosul. (DPA)
  • Israel: Netanyahu refused to issue an apology to Turkey for raiding a Gaza aid flotilla, stating an apology could lead to the prosecution of Israeli soldiers who were only acting in accordance with standards. (AFP)
  • Lebanon: The army complained of 2 Israeli warplanes entering Lebanon’s airspace throughout the day yesterday, emphasizing the move violated the UN Security Council Resolution 1701. (DPA)


  • The age gap for social media is narrowing with every generation with those 45 and older doubling their social networking and those 74 and older quadrupling their social networking presence. (NY Times)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report.
  • Hurricanes:  Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: South of the Fiji Islands
    • 6.3 magnitude
    • 551.6 kilometers deep
    • Map
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


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