ONS: 27 June 2012

by TRG Alerts Admin on June 27, 2012


  • AFRICA: The Washington Post obtained a confidential UN report outlining Rwanda’s role    in the M23 mutiny.
  • AMERICAS: China will extend support for Latin American development.
  • ASIA: An anti-Taliban leader and three associates were killed in Peshawar.
  • EUROPE: Spain warned that it would not be able to refinance its debts at current rates.
  • MIDDLE EAST: Eleven Shiites were killed in Baghdad.
  • TECHNOLOGY:  Apple opened its online iTunes store to directly service 12 Asian countries.


  • Syria:  Gunmen stormed pro-Assad Syrian TV channel.
    • Gunmen broke down the al-Ikhbariya’s station gates in the town of Drousha, burning buildings and shooting seven staffers.
    • al-Ikhbaryia is privately-owned, but is viewed by the opposition as a mouthpiece of the government.
    • The attack followed President Assad’s Tuesday declaration that Syria was in “a real state of war from all angles.”
    • Coverage: AP, BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters,


  • Region: A leaked report confirmed that UN experts believe Rwanda to have played a role in the DRC’s M23 mutiny, supplying weapons, ammunition, and young recruits. (WaPo)
  • Region: Former Ivorian militant youth leader Charles Blé Goudé will submit to the ICC to proclaim his innocence.
  • Gabon: The government will burn its ivory stockpiles in an effort to discourage poaching. (Reuters)
  • Tanzania: 43 migrants suffocated in a truck en route to Malawi. (AFP)


  • Region: The HNLMS Holland of the Royal Netherlands Navy will join the Joint Interagency Task Force South. (Miami Herald)
  • Region: China offered to set up a $10 billion credit line to support infrastructure projects in Latin America, along with a proposed free trade pact with Mercosur. (BBC)
  • Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez stated that he will need no more treatment for cancer. (Reuters)


  • Region: Cambodian and Thai officials discussed troop withdrawal from the Provisional Demilitarized Zone surrounding the Preah Vihear temple. (Xinhua)
  • Afghanistan: Taliban militants killed four policemen in the Ghoryan and Kunduz districts. (AP)
  • Bangladesh: Landslides and flash floods in the Chittagong region killed 70 and stranded 200,000, following three days of rain. (AFP)
  • China: Zhongshan City police quelled a riot that broke out following a dispute between migrant workers and local residents; no deaths or serious injuries were reported. (AP)
  • Pakistan: Pakistani Taliban militants claimed responsibility for the killing of anti-Taliban leader Fahimud Din, and three of his associates. (AFP)
  • Pakistan: General John Allen will visit Pakistan to discuss border cooperation and reopening NATO supply routes. (RFE/RL)


  • Greece: Gunmen rammed a van full of gas canisters into Microsoft’s Greek headquarters in Athens, setting it on fire. (Reuters)
  • Italy: The Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena will reduce its workforce by 4,600 after accepting a state bailout loan. (AFP)
  • Russia: Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned that the passage of the “Magnitsky Law” would significantly damage US-Russia relations. (Itar-Tass)
  • Spain: PM Mariano Rajoy warned that Spain will not be able to finance itself for long at current borrowing costs. (WSJ)


  • Iraq: Two bombs killed eleven and wounded nineteen Shiites in a Baghdad suburb, the latest in a series of attacks this month. (Xinhua)
  • Syria: Cyprus announced that it was ready to evacuate third party nationals from Syria, along with its European partners. (AFP)
  • Syria: A UN probe into last month’s Houla massacre concluded that government forces “may have been responsible” for many of the 100 deaths, and were committing human rights violations “on an alarming scale.” (AP)


  • Marketing: Apple opened its online iTunes store to directly service 12 Asian countries; previously, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand were the only Pacific countries to have their own iTunes stores. (AP)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Storm 07W (Doksuri)
    • Location: Near 15.3 N, 127.1 E
    • Movement: 285 Degrees at 14 KTS
    • Max Sustained Winds: 035 KT, Gusts 045 KT
    • JTWC


  • Hurricanes (Atlantic): Tropical Depression Debby
    • Location:  29.0 N, 82.8 W
    • Movement: SE at 7 mph
    • Winds: 35 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes (Atlantic): 10% of Tropical Cyclone Formation
    • Location: 840 miles SSW of Cape Verde Islands
    • Map


  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


  • Honduras: Anniversary of coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya – 2009.
  • Iraq: Anniversary of the US transfer of power to the Iraqi government – 2004.
  • Russia: US Secretary Clinton visits Lavrov in Saint Petersburg.


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