ONS: 26 April 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on April 26, 2011


  • AFRICA: Feuding warlords threatened peace in Ivory Coast
  • ASIA: Skirmishes between Cambodia and Thailand over temple continued
  • EUROPE: Ukraine called for aid in rebuilding Chernobyl containment
  • LATIN AMERICA: Mexican police rescued 51 kidnapped migrants
  • MIDDLE EAST: Syrian troops suppressed protestors in Dara’a
  • TECHNOLOGY: Sony announced entry into tablet market


  • Fighting continued in Libya
    • Italy announced it would join in conducting airstrikes against Gaddafi loyalist forces.
    • A NATO airstrike targeted a government compound in Tripoli; the Libyan government condemned it as an assassination attempt on Gaddafi.
    • The opposition captured the city-center of Misrata, but came under heavy artillery fire.
    • Coverage: AP, Reuters, Xinhua


  • Nigeria: Voting for state governors began. (Reuters)
  • Ivory Coast: Rival warlords continued to skirmish in Abidjan. (NYT)


  • Region: Fighting between Cambodian and Thai soldiers intensified near the disputed Preah Vihear temple. (AP)
  • Afghanistan: Senior al-Qaeda leader, Abdul Hafs al-Nadji, was reportedly killed by a NATO airstrike. (Reuters)
  • Pakistan: Two buses carrying naval personnel were bombed in Karachi, killing at least four and injuring over 50. (NYT)


  • Russia: Foreign Minister Lavrov warned that Russia would not support any UN resolution on Libya that could lead to any “further escalation” of the conflict. (Reuters)
  • Turkey: A Turkish-Armenian friendship monument was dismantled despite significant artist protests. (AP)
  • Ukraine: President Yanukovych repeated a call for international funding to help construct a new containment shelter over the still active nuclear core of the Chernobyl reactor. (AP)


  • Colombia: The government launched a large-scale effort to respond to recent floods. (AFP)
  • Mexico: Police rescued 51 kidnapped migrants from captivity in Reynosa. (AP)


  • Bahrain: An Iranian diplomat was declared persona non grata and expelled from the country. (AP)
  • Iraq: Two were killed in a Kirkuk bomb attack, and an Iraqi government official was killed by gunmen in Baghdad. (Xinhua)
  • Syria: The government launched a crackdown on protests in the city of Dara’a, killing at least 25. (NYT)
  • Yemen: The opposition accepted a transfer of power deal proposed by the Gulf Cooperation Council. (NYT)


  • Tablet Computing: Sony announced plans to release two tablet computers using the Android OS. (WSJ)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report



  • Global: World Economic Forum on Latin America in Brazil.
  • China: US-China hold talks on human rights.
  • Costa Rica: Verdict in case of ex-President Miguel Angel Rodriguez over bribery allegations.
  • Sierra Leone: Independence Day.
  • South Africa: Freedom Day.


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