ONS: 25 January 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on January 25, 2011


  • AFRICA: Tunisia expects cabinet shake-up today
  • ASIA: Afghan President Karzai to inaugurate cabinet this week
  • EUROPE: Irish government approves economic package and February elections
  • LATIN AMERICA: HRW accused Venezuela of abusing court system
  • MIDDLE EAST: Egypt braces for anti-government protests
  • TECHNOLOGY: Facebook strikes a deal with a German privacy group


  • Russia: Female suicide bomber blamed for Russian airport bombing
    • Russian authorities have indicated that a female suicide bomber accompanied with a man are responsible for the deaths of 35 civilians, including eight foreign-nationals.
    • There has been no immediate claim of responsibility, but investigators believe that the blast bears the hallmark of past North Caucasus attacks.
    • President Dmitry Medvedev slammed airport security for allowing the bomber to enter the airport holding area.
    • Coverage: AFP, Reuters, MSNBC, BBC, NYT


  • Region: A UN report suggests the creation of a court dedicated to prosecuting Somali pirates in order to combat the $7-billion per year piracy industry. (AFP)
  • Tunisia: A government spokesman indicated that a cabinet shake-up involving at least six ministers may be announced today. (AFP)
    • Furthermore, the head of the Tunisian army announced that the military is in support of the “revolution,” but urged peace and calm. (NYT)
  • Uganda: The US Department of State issued a travel warning for Americans ahead of the country’s the 18 February parliamentary and presidential elections. (AFP)


  • Afghanistan: Canadian troops are set to withdraw from their combat mission in the country by July. (UPI)
  • Afghanistan: President Karzai ended a month-long political stand-off by agreeing to seat Parliament on Wednesday, ahead of a special tribunal’s verdict on election fraud. (DPA)
  • Korea, North: Two citizens caught reading South Korean propaganda were executed on Monday for failing to report the leaflets. (AFP)
  • Philippines: Two were killed and 18 injured in a bus explosion likely caused by a bomb in Manila. (AP)
  • Taiwan: President Ma Ying-jeou renewed his government’s request to purchase American F-16s and submarines. (DPA)
  • Thailand: The government has stepped up security near the Thai parliament in anticipation of of a massive joint rally between the “red” and “yellow” shirts. (Xinhua)


  • Ireland: The broken coalition government struck a deal with parties to expedite legislation that would procure an EU-IMF bailout and hold elections in late February. (AFP)
  • Kosovo: A secret NATO report alleges that the US and other Western nations have known of President Hashim Thaci’s involvement as a leader in a mafia-like crime organization. (DPA)


  • Bolivia: In the southwestern town of Llallagua, thousands of demonstrators unhappy with the high cost of living turned to looting local shops. (AFP)
  • Mexico: In a meeting with President Calderon, Secretary Hillary Clinton called the US’s role in providing guns and money to Mexican gangs a “transnational issue.” (NYT)
  • Venezuela: Human Rights Watch accused President Hugo Chavez of using the judiciary to punish political opponents, media, and labor unions. (AP)


  • Region: The US is concerned that the leaked Palestinian peace negotiation documents will make a peace agreement “more difficult.“(BBC)
  • Egypt: In a bid inspired by the unrest in Tunisia, Egyptian anti-government activists are set to take to the streets today for a “day of revolt.” (BBC, NYT)
  • Lebanon: Hezbollah officially chose former premier Najib Mikati to form and govern the new government. (NYT)
  • Lebanon: In a “day of rage” protest today, hundreds of anti-Hezbollah Lebanese took the streets of Tripoli and torched an Al Jazeera van along with damaging the equipment of other media outlets associated with Hezbollah. (BBC, AFP)


  • Germany: Facebook, facing privacy law violations, will begin allowing its 10 million German users greater control in blocking their email contacts from unsolicited advertisements. (NYT)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone 08P (Wilma)
    • Location: 360 nm SE of Nadi, Fiji
    • Winds: 85kt
    • Movement: 240 degrees at 24 knots
  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone 09P (Anthony)
    • Location: 865 nm ESE of Cairns, Australia
    • Winds: 35 knots
    • Movement: 165 degrees at 7 knots
  • Hurricanes:  Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: Sumatra, Indonesia
    • Magnitude: 6.0
    • Depth: 30 km
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


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