ONS: 24 January 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on January 24, 2011


  • AFRICA: Somalia may cut ties with private security firm
  • ASIA: Afghan President Karzai will issue statement today on seating Parliament
  • EUROPE: Portuguese President Silva wins reelection
  • LATIN AMERICA: First confirmed cholera-related death in Dominican Republic
  • MIDDLE EAST: Yemeni President Saleh will not seek reelection in 2013
  • TECHNOLOGY: Hacker sells government, military, and education account access


  • Lebanon: Talks begin to elect a new Prime Minister
    • Former premier Najib Mikati has emerged as the favorite candidate for the top post after gaining support from Hezbollah.
    • Acting PM Saad Hariri rejected any future involvement should a Hezbollah-led government take power.
    • Hassan Nasrallah, a Hezbollah leader, pledged to include political rivals in the future government, should Hezbollah win a parliamentary majority.
    • Coverage: AFP, Al Jazeera, CNN


    • Region: South Korean intelligence warned of retaliatory attacks by Somali pirates following Friday’s deadly raid where Korean forces killed eight pirates and captured five. (AP)
    • Somalia: The government announced it is likely to sever ties with the private security firm Seracen International after facing questions from donor countries, including the US. (NYT)
    • Sudan: With 98.9% of voters voting in favor of secession, voter turnout exceeded 100% in ten out of 79 counties, causing some results to be quarantined. (AP)
    • Tunisia: The U.S. revoked the visas of the officials and family members associated with the former Tunisian government. (Xinhua)


    • Afghanistan: President Hamid Karzai is expected to give a statement today announcing his intentions on whether or not to inaugurate the new Parliament following tense negotiations with MPs over the legality of a Supreme Court tribunal. (AFP)
    • Pakistan: More than 10,000 Islamists staged a sit-in at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial parliament in Peshawar in protest of American drone strikes in the region. (Xinhua)
    • Philippines: An “outspoken” radio host, Gerardo Ortega,  was shot dead on Monday and the suspect was quickly apprehended. (AFP)
    • Timor-Leste: The government announced its intention to conclude its final step in joining ASEAN and submit a proposal for inclusion. All ASEAN nations appear to support Timor-Lestes inclusion. (Xinhua)


    • Belgium: In an event organized on Facebook, over 30,000 Belgians rallied the government in Brussels to end a eight-month political deadlock. (BBC)
    • France: Hundreds of protesters representing the Ivory Coast’s rival camps took to the streets in Paris in response to President Sarkozy’s backing of Outtara. (AFP)
    • Ireland: Irish parties are in crisis talks following the Green Party’s pull-out of the ruling coalition over a dispute on a major finance deal and election timetable. (BBC)
    • Portugal: President Anibal Cavaco Silva won re-election with 52.9% of the vote amidst a record-low turnout. (AFP)


    • Bolivia: President Evo Morales replaced ministers of Energy, Production, and Environment while reinstating 17 others after the entire cabinet resigned on Sunday. (Xinhua)
    • Dominican Republic: The government confirmed the country’s first cholera-related death in the tourist area of La Altagracia. (EFE)
    • Haiti: In negotiations on Sunday, President Preval faced pressure to announce run-off elections before the February 7 deadline or risk the international community’s recognition of his government. (Miami Herald)


    • Region: According to secret documents attained by Al Jazeera, Palestinian authorities agreed to forfeit large areas of Jerusalem to Israel during peace negotiations. (NYT)
    • Yemen: Lieutenant Colonel Nabil Aklan, a top Yemeni security official, was gunned downed by al-Qaida militants at a supermarket in Marib. (Xinhua)
    • Yemen: Following eight days of protests calling for his removal, President Saleh announced he will not seek reelection after his current term ends in 2013. (Xinhua)


    • United States: A data security firm announced it’s discovery of a hacker selling alleged access to government, military, and educational websites. (PC World)


    • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone 08P (Wilma)
      • Location: 100 nm S of Pago Pago
      • Winds: 55kt
      • Movement: 185 degrees true at 11 knots
    • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone 09P (Anthony)
      • Location: 635 NM E of Cairns, Australia
      • Winds: 40 knots
      • Movement: 120 degrees at 19 knots
    • Hurricanes:  Nothing to report
    • Earthquakes: Tajikistan
      • Magnitude 6.1
      • Depth: 98.6km
    • Volcanoes: Kiziman, Kamchatka, Russia
      • Ash spewed 8km above sea level.


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