ONS: 19 April 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on April 19, 2011


  • AFRICA: Goodluck Jonathan won re-election in Nigeria
  • ASIA: Pakistan test fired a new missile
  • EUROPE: Turkey disqualified pro-Kurdish candidates for Parliament
  • LATIN AMERICA: Cuba approved new economic reforms
  • MIDDLE EAST: Syrian security forces opened fire on protestors
  • TECHNOLOGY: Apple sued Samsung over patents


  • Dire humanitarian situation in Libya
    • The Libyan government promised UN aid workers access to Misrata.
    • The World Food Program announced it opened a humanitarian aid corridor from Tunisia to western Libya.
    • A spokesman for the EU announced that it was ready to launch a military operation in support of humanitarian relief if requested to do so by the UN.
    • Coverage: Reuters, BBC, CNN


  • Ivory Coast: The Deputy Chief of the Ivory Coast’s new military, Issiaka Wattao, stated the Ivorian armed forces were not yet ready to police the country without UN and French assistance. (Reuters)
  • Nigeria: Goodluck Jonathan was officially declared the winner of Nigeria’s presidential election. He called for unity and condemned the post-election violence. (Reuters)


  • Korean Peninsula: The chief of the ROK National Intelligence Service, Won Sei-Hoon, told a parliamentary committee that the DPRK was ready to conduct another nuclear test. (AFP)
  • Pakistan: The military successfully test-fired a new short ranged missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. (AFP)
  • Singapore: The government dissolved Parliament in anticipation of upcoming elections. (WSJ)
  • Thailand: Gunmen ambushed an army unit in southern Thailand, leaving three dead. (Xinhua)


  • Region: France stopped an Italian train carrying Tunisian migrants from entering the country. (LAT)
  • Turkey: The government disqualified 12 pro-Kurdish candidates for Parliament. (NYT)


  • Cuba: The government approved a series of economic reforms such as allowing citizens to buy and sell their homes. (NYT)
  • Mexico: A judge ordered that 16 police officers be detained on suspicion of ties to the Zetas drug cartel. (AFP)


  • Iraq: Gunfire and bomb attacks in Kirkuk and Baghdad left at least 4 dead, including one Iraqi government official, and 20 wounded. (Reuters)
  • Syria: Security forces opened fire on anti-government protestors gathered in the city of Homs. (AP)
  • Yemen: Police opened fire on protestors in the city of Taez. (AFP)


  • Tablets and Smartphones: Apple sued Samsung for alleged patent infringement of the iPhone and iPad with the Galaxy phone and tablet. (Bloomberg)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: South of Kermedec Islands
    • Magnitude: 6.6
    • Depth: 90.7
    • Map
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


  • Global: EU and GCC FMs hold joint council.
  • USA: First anniversary of Deepwater Horizon rig explosion.


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