ONS: 18 March 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on March 18, 2011


  • AFRICA: Gbagbo forces killed 25 in Abidjan
  • ASIA: US rejects resolution on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • EUROPE: Chancellor Merkel called for Germany to move away from nuclear power
  • LATIN AMERICA: Aristide left South Africa to return to Haiti
  • MIDDLE EAST: Bahraini authorities arrested six opposition leaders
  • TECHNOLOGY: A leading social media consultant state social media users should post in a responsible manner during crisis situations


  • Libya: As UN backs military action in Libya, US role is unclear
    • The UN Security Council authorized military action, including air strikes against Libyan tanks and heavy artillery as well as a no-fly zone.
    • Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Kaim said the Gaddafi regime welcomed the resolution because it called for the protection of civilians, though he warned foreign governments not to arm Libyan rebels.
    • The US is likely to provide support with AWACS and other surveillance aircraft. There are also 400 marines on board the USS Kearsage and Ponce.
    • Western nations stressed Arabs play a role in the intervention.
    • Coverage: NYT, AP, WSJ
  • Japan: Frantic repairs go on at plant; little progress in cooling fuel
    • Japanese engineers tried to cool spent fuel rods and restore electric power to pumps at Fukushima nuclear station plant, reactor number 3.
    • Reactor number 2 released steam probably carrying radioactive particles as Japan’s nuclear agency raised the crisis level from a 4 to 5 on a 7 point scale.
    • IAEA direct Amano said he would dispatch a team “within days” to monitor radiation near the damaged plant.
    • Coverage: NYT, AP, Reuters


  • Ivory Coast: Gbagbo troops fired shells killing 25 people and wounding 40-60 in a pro-Ouattara district in Abidjan. (BBC)
  • Senegal: Activists planned to demonstrate in Dakar on Saturday against rising living costs, almost daily power cuts and accusations that the President Wade is bending constitutional rules to stand for a third term in power at February 2012 elections. (Reuters)


  • Afghanistan: The US House of Representatives rejected a resolution calling for an American withdrawal from Afghanistan. (AFP)
  • Korea, North: US asked for “concrete” steps to be taken in order for six-party talks to resume while South Korea said North Korea must show “peaceful intentions.” (AFP)
  • Pakistan: PM Gilani condemned a drone strike that killed 30 people in the Datta Khel area in the northwestern part of the country. (CNN)


  • Region: The European Commission asked the US to make the Swift inter-banking program that tracks the finances of terrorism suspects more transparent in order to broaden public support. (NYT)
  • Cyprus: President Christofias said negotiations with breakaway Turkish Cypriots to reunify the ethnically split island are “not moving forward.” (AP)
  • Germany: Chancellor Merkel called for a “measured exit” from nuclear power in light of the events in Japan. (BBC)


  • Colombia: US Deputy Trade Representative Miriam Sapiro said the US hopes to reach a deal with Colombia over its anti-labor violence in the near future so a free trade agreement between the two countries can move forward. (Reuters)
  • Haiti: Former leader Aristide left South Africa to return to Haiti two days before national elections. Aristide said he would not seek an active political role. (BBC)
  • Mexico: Foreign Relations Secretary Patricia Espinosa defended the use of US drones over Mexican airspace because they are “controlled” by Mexico and are unarmed. (AP)


  • Bahrain: Authorities arrested 6 opposition leaders, surrounded the main hospital with troops and tanks, and imposed a curfew on the center of Manama. (NYT)
  • Saudi Arabia: King Abdullah will address the nation today and possibly announce increased subsidies and/or a cabinet reshuffle in response to unrest in the region. (Reuters)
  • Yemen: Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Sana’a for Friday prayers and called for President Saleh’s resignation. (AP)


  • Peter Shankman, a social media consultant, said while social media has overtaken television as the first place to get information out regarding crises, users should act responsibly on the sites. (Mashable)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone 18S (Cherono)
    • 500 Miles South of Diego Garcia
    • Wind: 45 knots
    • Heading: SW at 10 knots
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


  • Global: Hindus celebrate Holi on 19/20MAR.
  • Global: Western Christians celebrate Saint Joseph’s Day on 19MAR.
  • Global: Jews celebrate Purim on 19/20MAR.
  • Brazil: President Obama meets President Dilma Rousseff in Brasilia.
  • Croatia: Protests planned.
  • Egypt: Referendum on constitutional change.


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