ONS: 18 January 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on January 18, 2011


  • AFRICA: West African military chiefs are meeting to discuss intervention in the Ivory Coast
  • ASIA: North Korea is suspected of carrying out a cyber attack against a South Korean radio station
  • EUROPE: Spanish police busted a cocaine lab with more than 300 kilos of cocaine
  • LATIN AMERICA: 665 people have died in Brazilian mudslides
  • MIDDLE EAST: At least 50 were killed in a suicide bombing in Iraq
  • TECHNOLOGY: Facebook estimated to collect almost 5% of U.S. online ad revenue.


  • Ivory Coast: West African military chiefs are meeting in Mali to discuss plans for an Ivory Coast intervention.
    • The plan would likely call for a Nigerian led force.
    • There has been widespread skepticism in Africa that such a force will be deployed.
    • Coverage: AFP, Reuters
  • Lebanon: The UN has issued indictments in the Hairi assassination probe
    • Schools closed in several Beirut neighborhoods as tensions continue to rise in the capital.
    • Regional powers are meeting in Damascus to discuss resolving the crisis.
    • Coverage: WSJWashington Post


    • Somalia: The International Maritime Bureau announced that pirates captured a record number of people in 2010. (BBC)
    • Egypt: A man protesting the government set himself on fire outside of the Prime Minister’s office. (NY Times)
      • The act is likely inspired by those that set off protests in Tunisia a month ago.
    • Tunisia: Ministers are quitting the new government and protests continue. (BBCCNN)


    • Afghanistan: The Afghan government announced that 50 militants have surrendered to government forces. (AP)
    • Korea, North: A cyber attack by suspected North Korean hackers was launched on a website of a radio station that has aired harsh criticism of the country’s regime. (AFP)
    • Taiwan:  A third of the missiles fired during an air defense exercise missed their targets, raising concerns about the countries defenses. (WSJ)


    • Spain: Spanish Police have dismantled the largest cocaine laboratory in Europe, seizing 300 kilos of cocaine. (CNN)
    • UK: The UK government is planning of to make membership of the Pakistani Taliban a criminal offense. (Reuters)


    • Brazil: The death toll from mudslides in Brazil topped 665. (WSJ)
    • Peru: The American Revolutionary People’s Alliance (APRA) presidential candidate Mercedes Araoz has threatened to resign following the inclusion of former Prime Minister Jorge del Castillo Galvez. (Xinhua)


    • Iraq: At least 50 were killed and 150 wounded when suicide bombers detonated bombs at an Iraqi recruitment center. (CNN)
    • Iran: The Iranian nuclear envoy has blamed the US for the Stuxnet cyber attack. (AFP)


    • Facebook: Facebook estimated to collect almost 5% of U.S. online ad revenue. (TechCrunch)


    • Cyclones: Nothing to Report
    • Hurricanes:  Nothing to Report
    • Earthquakes: Nothing to Report
    • Volcanoes: Nothing to Report


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