ONS: 16 August 2011

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Overnight News Summary

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16 August 2011


  • AFRICA: UN demanded an investigation into human rights abuses in Sudan
  • AMERICAS: A grenade attack in Mexico killed one, injured three
  • ASIA: China launched “strike hard” security operation in Xinjiang  
  • EUROPE: Dismal German economic figures triggered greater anxiety over the Eurozone
  • MIDDLE EAST: Turkey issued threat of “unspecified steps” against Syria
  • TECHNOLOGY: British government review approved Google’s privacy policy


  • Libya: Opposition claimed major gains
    • Opposition spokesmen expressed optimism that they would achieve victory in a matter of weeks following the capture of the town of Zawiyah and other key positions surrounding Tripoli.
    • Gaddafi forces fired a Scud missile for the first time in the conflict, apparently aimed at Brega.
    • A government spokesman claimed that forces loyal to Gaddafi had captured Misrata from the opposition.
    • Coverage: Reuters, Xinhua, NYT, AFP, WaPo


  • Morocco: Politicians negotiated a tentative date for parliamentary elections, scheduling them for November. (Reuters)
  • Somalia: The UN food program announced that reports of significant fraud and theft of food supplies would not deter them from continuing to supply the region. (AP)
  • Sudan: UN officials called for an investigation into allegations of human rights abuses in Kordofan, allegations that Sudan denied. (Reuters)
  • Zimbabwe: General Solomon Mujuru a powerful figure in the ruling ZANU-PF party died in a fire at his home. (Reuters)


  • Mexico: A grenade attack in Veracruz killed one and injured three. (AP)
  • United States: Officials at the Pentagon revealed plans to audit DARPA’s deals with contractors, including contracts to the family business of the DARPA director. (Wired)


  • Afghanistan: An Afghan government employee was assassinated outside her home by gunmen in Kandahar. (AP)
  • China: Authorities launched a two month, so-called “strike hard” campaign against unrest in Xinjiang. (AP)
  • Korean Peninsula: North Korea sharply criticized military exercises conducted by the US and South Korea, warning that they might trigger war. (AP)
  • Nepal: President Yadav ordered the Assembly to form a government in two weeks or he would call a general election to replace former PM Khanal, who resigned suddenly on Sunday. (UPI)
  • Pakistan: Nine fuel tankers intended for NATO forces in Afghanistan were destroyed by militants; the border area was closed. (AFP)
  • Pakistan: Monsoon flooding displaced thousands in Punjab and Sindh provinces. (The Nation)
  • Pakistan: A suspected US drone strike killed four militants near the Afghan border. (AP)


  • Germany: The government reported that economic growth had nearly halted, fueling fears of a Eurozone debt crisis. (FT, WSJ)
  • Russia: A new stealth fighter, the Sukhoi T-50, was unveiled at an air show near Moscow. (RFE)
  • Turkey: One soldier was killed and another wounded in a clash with PKK rebels. (Hurriyet)


  • Bahrain: The office of a state-appointed commission to investigate human rights abuses was forced to close after an unruly crowd disrupted its operations following misleading reports it would absolve government officials of wrongdoing. (Reuters)
  • Iraq: In response to a wave of bombings that killed at least 80 people across the country, US officials stated they would be willing to leave some forces in Iraq after the planned withdrawal date at the request of the Iraqi government. (WaPo)
  • Israel: An air strike on the Gaza strip killed one and injured four. (DPA)
  • Syria: The Turkish foreign minister warned President Assad that if he did not end violence against civilians “immediately and unconditionally that “unspecified steps” would be taken. (NYT)
  • Yemen: A clash between soldiers and tribal forces left 23 tribesmen dead in Arhab. (AFP)


  • United Kingdom: The Information Commission Office stated it was ‘satisfied’ with Google’s steps to improve its privacy policies, but requested additional measures be taken. (TechCrunch)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report
  • Hurricanes (A): Tropical Storm Gert
    • Location: 250 miles NE of Bermuda
    • Winds: 45 mph
    • Movement: NE at 22 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes (A): 20% chance of tropical cyclone formation
    • Location: Eastern Caribbean Sea
    • Movement: W at 15-20 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes (P): Tropical Depression Six-E
    • Location: 1690 miles SSW of the southern point of Baja California
    • Movement: W at 9 mph
    • Winds: 35 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes (P): 50% chance of tropical cyclone formation
    • Location: 280 miles SE of Acapulco
    • Movement: Stationary
    • Map
  • Hurricanes (P): 10% chance of tropical cyclone formation
    • Location: 625 miles SW of Mananzillo, Mexico
    • Movement: WNW at 10-15 mph
    • Map
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


  • Angola: Takes over presidency of the South African Development Community.
  • Brazil: US-Brazil launch strategic energy dialog.
  • Gabon: Independence Day – 1960.
  • Nigeria: ECOWAS Ministerial Meeting.
  • Syria: Trial of intellectuals participating in protests.


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