ONS: 16 April 2017

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  • AFRICA: The US is deploying troops to Somalia to assist the national army and conduct unspecified security operations.
  • AMERICAS: A Mexican provincial governor accused of running a corruption ring was detained in Guatemala.
  • ASIA: North Korea attempted to test-fire a missile, but it failed shortly after launch.
  • EUROPE: European coastguards rescued some 3,000 migrants from boats off Libya.
  • MIDDLE EAST: At least 25 soldiers and rebels died in clashes around a key military base in Yemen.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft reports that the vulnerabilities in their software exposed last week by hackers have already been addressed, and customers privacy is not at risk.



  • Syria: Car bomb kills evacuees from besieged government-held towns
    • The bombing took place outside Aleppo as some 30,000 Syrians were being moved between government- and rebel-held territory.
    • The death toll stands at at least 112 people, with dozens of others injured and in critical condition.
    • There has been no claim of responsibility for the attack.
    • Shortly after the blast, the evacuation resumed.
    • UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has condemned the attack.
    • Coverage: NYT, WP, AFP, AP, Reuters, Xinhua, BBC, CNN



  • Somalia: The US is deploying troops to the country to assist the national army and conduct unspecified security operations. (Al Jazeera)
  • Somalia: A vehicle loaded with explosives belonging to terror group Al-Shabaab exploded after being captured by security forces in Mogadishu. (Xinhua)
  • South Sudan: At least 14 civilians were killed during fighting between rebels and government troops in the western town of Raga. (Xinhua)


  • Region: Javier Duarte, the former governor of Mexico’s Veracruz state who is accused of running a corruption ring, was detained in Guatemala. (AP)
  • Region: Former CEO of Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht said the company helped finance presidential campaigns in Peru and El Salvador. (AP)
  • Brazil: The Odebrecht construction firm paid a total of 3.37 billion US dollars in bribes to government officials from 2006 to 2014. (Xinhua)



  • Region: US Vice President Mike Pence arrived in South Korea to begin a 10-day trip in the region. (AP)
  • Bangladesh: The country executed three Islamists for a 2004 attack that killed three people and wounded a British envoy. (Reuters)
  • Iran: More than 1,600 candidates have filed to run in this year’s presidential election, with campaigns scheduled to begin 28APR. (RFE/RL)
  • North Korea: The country attempted to test-fire a missile, which failed shortly after launch. (Reuters)



  • Region: The Italian coastguard and other boats rescued some 3,000 migrants off the Libyan coast. (AFP)
  • Turkey: Kurdish militants killed one guard in an attack on a Turkish politician in the southeastern Van province. (Reuters)
  • Turkey: Polls opened in a referendum on expanding presidential powers. (NYT)


  • Region: Members of an elite undercover Israeli military force were detained by the Palestinian police in the West Bank. (Xinhua)
  • Syria: British FM Boris Johnson called Bashar al-Assad an “arch-terrorist” and said it is time Russia realize he is “literally and metaphorically toxic.” (AFP)
  • Yemen: At least 25 soldiers and rebels died in clashes around a key military base near the west coast. (AFP)



  • Technology: Microsoft reports that the vulnerabilities in their software exposed last week by hackers have already been addressed, and customers privacy is not at risk. (CNN)



  • Cyclones: TC Maarutha
  • Location: 8 N 92.6 E
  • Winds: 50.0mph
  • Movement: NE
  • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to Report
  • Earthquakes: 67km ESE of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
  • Magnitude: 6,2
  • Depth: 135,1km
  • Map
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to Report
  • Global Disease Outbreaks:
    • Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)
      • Cases as of 27MAR16: 28,646 (Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Italy)
      • Deaths as of 27MAR16: 11,323 (Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, United States)
      • Sourcing: WHO, WHO-2, BBC
    • Chikungunya Virus Disease (CHIK)
      • Suspected Cases as of 14APR: 22,491 (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, and Venezuela)
        • Suspected Cases (01JAN16-31DEC16): 349,936
      • Confirmed Cases as of 14APR: 7,342 (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Nicaragua, Perú, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela)
        • Confirmed Cases (01JAN16-31DEC16): 152,250
      • Deaths as of 14 APR: 7 (Brazil)
        • Deaths (01JAN16-31DEC16): 172
        • Deaths (01JAN15-31DEC15): 91 (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico)
      • Sourcing: WHO, WHO-2, CDC, CDC-2
    • Novel Coronavirus (MERS-CoV, SARS-related)
      • Cases as of 05APR: 1,936 (Saudi Arabia (KSA), Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Kingdom (UK), France, Tunisia, Italy, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Malaysia, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Iran, Algeria, Austria, Turkey, The Philippines, Germany, China, South Korea, and the US)
      • Deaths as of 05APR: 690 (Saudi Arabia, France, Qatar, United Kingdom, UAE, Oman, South Korea)
      • Sourcing: WHO, WHO-2
    • Zika Virus
      • Reported autochthonous Transmission as of 10MAR: American Samoa, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Bonaire (Netherlands), Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cabo Verde, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Martinique, Mexico, Micronesia (Federated States of), Montserrat, New Caledonia, Nicaragua, Palau, Panamá, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, Singapore, Sint Eustatius and Saba (Netherlands), Sint Maarten, Suriname, Thailand, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks and Caicos, United States of America, Vietnam, United States Virgin Islands, and Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of).
      • Outbreak Terminated as of 10MAR: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Gabon, Isla de Pascua (Chile), Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.
      • Locally Acquired Without Vector Borne Transmission as of 10MAR: Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Spain, and the United States of America.
      • Sourcing: WHO, WHO-2, CDC, CDC-2



  • Bangladesh: Anniversary of the formation of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh – 1971
  • Cuba: Bay of Pigs – 1961
  • South Sudan: Japanese troops begin leaving UN Peacekeeping mission in S. Sudan
  • Sudan: ICC to hold public hearing to probe whether South Africa failed its duty in refusing to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir
  • Syria: Syrian Arab Republic National Day / Independence from France – 1946



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