ONS: 16 April 2012

by TRG Alerts Admin on April 16, 2012


  • AFRICA: In Guinea Bissau, the junta closed all air and sea borders.  
  • AMERICAS: President Obama and Colombian President Santos agreed to increase global security cooperation.
  • ASIA:  In the South China Sea, the US and the Philippines began joint military exercises.
  • EUROPE: In Russia, renewed violence in the Caucasus region killed two and injured six.
  • MIDDLE EAST: In Syria, monitors reported government forces killed two civilians shortly after UN observers arrived.
  • TECHNOLOGY: The co-founder of Google Sergey Brin said the principles of openness and universal access are facing their greatest ever threat.


  • Afghanistan: Insurgent attacks ended after second day
    • A militant arrested in the attacks said the assault was carried out by the Haqqani network.
    • Thirty-six insurgents, eight policemen, and three civilians died during the attacks.
    • The attacks on Kabul ended when Afghan troops, with US air support, killed the remaining militants near the parliament building.
    • Taliban spokesman Mujahid said dozens of suicide attackers and gunmen were involved, and that the attacks were planned for two months.
    • Coverage: AFPNYTAPReutersXinhua


  • Guinea-Bissau: The junta announced the closure of all air and sea borders. (AFP)
  • Mali: Unidentified gunmen abducted a Swiss woman living in Timbuktu. (Reuters)
  • Sudan: Sudanese warplanes bombed a UN peacekeeping camp along the border with South Sudan. (AFP)
  • Sudan: The government warned South Sudan against damaging oil facilities in the Heglig region. (AFP)


  • Region: Dominican Republic President Fernandez suggested creating a special fund for small and medium businesses in the region. (Xinhua)
  • Region: The Summit of the Americas concluded without an agreement on the future inclusion of Cuba. (WaPo)
  • Region: The Summit of the Americas delivered a mandate to the OAS to analyze possible alternatives to the current policies on the fight against drugs. (DPA)
  • Region: The Seventh Summit of the Americas will be held in 2015 in Panama. (EFE)
  • Colombia: President Obama and President Santos agreed to deepen security cooperation in the Western Hemisphere and West Africa. (AFP)


  • Region: In the South China Sea, the US and the Philippines began joint military exercises. (BBC)
  • Afghanistan: A man in Afghan army uniform opened fire on ISAF soldiers in Kandahar, and was killed in the counter assault. (Xinhua)
  • East Timor: Voting began the presidential run-off election. (AFP)
  • Philippines: President Aquino III ruled out the use of force in the naval standoff with China. (DPA)
  • Taiwan: The military began its annual military exercise to simulate fending off potential PRC-led attacks. (AP)


  • Region: Croatian President Josipovic said bilateral cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina would continue after Croatia joins the EU. (Xinhua)
  • Abkhazia: FM Chirikba began an official visit to Moscow on the invitation of Russian FM Lavrov. (Itar-Tass)
  • Russia: Renewed violence in the Caucasus region left two dead and six injured. (DPA)


  • Israel: PM Netanyahu criticized nuclear talks with Iran as an opportunity for Iran to continue enriching uranium. (DPA)
  • Syria: Monitors reported government forces killed two civilians hours after UN observers arrived. (AFP)
  • Syria: UNSG Ban Ki-moon urged “maximum restraint” from the Syrian regime and cooperation from the opposition. (AFP)
  • Yemen: President Hadi gave a dismissed air force commander two days to hand over command or face a court martial. (DPA)


  • Internet freedom: The co-founder of Google Sergey Brin said the principles of openness and universal access are facing their greatest threat. (Reuters)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report.
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


  • Middle East: Palestinian President Abbas delivers a letter to Israeli PM Netanyahu.
  • Bangladesh: Anniversary of the formation of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh – 1971.
  • Cuba: Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs – 1961.
  • Russia: Former mayoral candidate Oleg Shein ends hunger strike.
  • Syria: Arab Republic National Day (Anniversary of independence from France) celebrated – 1946.


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