ONS: 15 November 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on November 15, 2011


  • AFRICA: Somali residents fled after bombing of al Shabaab base in Afgoye
  • AMERICAS: New York police evicted OWS protesters from Zuccoti park
  • ASIA: Drone strike in Pakistan killed seven suspected militants  
  • EUROPE: UK police arrested four men for suspected terror links
  • MIDDLE EAST: President Saleh stated he would be willing to step down within 90 days of an agreement
  • TECHNOLOGY: Details of Google X lab revealed


  • Syria: Pressure increased on Assad
    • At least 70 people were reported killed in clashes between security forces, protesters, and army defectors.
    • The Jordanian embassy in Damascus was attacked by protesters following remarks by Jordan’s King Hussein that Assad should step down.
    • Opposition representatives met Russian FM Lavrov for talks in Moscow.
    • Turkish PM Erdogan criticized the crackdown on protests.
    • Coverage: Al Jazeera, AP, BBC, NYT, WSJ, AFP


  • Libya: A truce ended clashes between two rival militias near Zawiyah. (Reuters)
  • Somalia: Residents of Afgoye fled following an apparent airstrike on a nearby al Shabaab stronghold. (Reuters)
  • Tunisia: Final election results confirmed the victory of moderate Islamist party Ennahda. (AP)


  • Cuba: The government accused the US of establishing illegal wireless Internet networks within Cuba. (AFP)
  • Mexico: The former ruling party PRI won an important election for governor of Michoacan state. (Guardian)
  • United States: New York police evicted the “Occupy Wall Street” encampment in Zucotti park. (Reuters)


  • China: The IMF called for extensive reform of China’s banking system. (WSJ)
  • India: The Agni-IV nuclear capable missile was successfully tested. (ET)
  • Pakistan: A suspected US drone strike killed seven alleged militants in North Waziristan. (AP)


  • Russia: PM Putin announced his country will spend $30 billion on national defense in 2012. (Xinhua)
  • Turkey: A Pentagon spokesman stated US drones will be moved from Iraqi to Turkish bases. (Reuters)
  • United Kingdom: Police arrested four men on suspicion of ties to terrorist groups. (AFP)


  • Iraq: A US soldier was killed in central Iraq. (AP)
  • Yemen: UN envoy Jamal Benomar called for President Saleh to speed up reform and transfer-of-power efforts. (AP)
  • Yemen: President Saleh stated he would be willing to step down within 90 days of reaching a transfer-of-power agreement. (Reuters)


  • Internet: Google disclosed some details of its secretive “Google X” research facility. (NYT)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


  • Middle East: Arab League meeting on Syria held in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Pakistan: Pakistani-Chinese military exercises held.
  • Russia: Envoy to NATO presents report to the Duma.

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