ONS: 14 September 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on September 14, 2011


  • AFRICA:  US State Department says that Saadi Gaddafi is being held under house arrest in Niger.
  • AMERICAS: Peru orders state of emergency in areas of protest
  • ASIA:  Top Lashkar militant killed in Indian Kashmir
  • EUROPE:  French banks downgraded ahead of EU attempts to alleviate Greece’s financial crisis.
  • MIDDLE EAST:  A spate of attacks against Iraqi security forces killed at least 17
  • TECHNOLOGY:  Google to offer location opt-out to Wi-Fi owners


  • Afghanistan: US ambassador blames Haqqani network for Kabul siege
    • The siege ended after 20 hours after helicopters killed the last few militants holed up in a building from which they fired upon the US embassy and ISAF headquarters.
    • Ambassador Ryan Crocker says that the Pakistani-based Haqqani network was behind the attack, stressing the need to bring the group under control.
    • Crocker also said that the attack will not affect the transfer of security responsibilities to the Afghan government.
    • 14 people were killed by the militants during their assault.
    • Coverage: AP, AFP, BBC, Reuters


  • Niger: Government authorities transferred Saadi Gaddafi to the presidential villa in Niamey; a DoS spokesperson said he is “essentially” under house arrest. (BBC)
  • Libya: NTC forces are giving out fuel to encourage civilians to flee Bani Walid. (Reuters)
  • Sudan: President Omar Hassan al-Bashir names the first Vice President from Darfur. (Reuters)


  • Haiti: President Martelly said that the UN peacekeeping force will remain until a national force can take over. (AFP)
  • Peru: The government ordered a state of emergency in its Amazonian territories, citing the presence of drug traffickers and rebels; the order took place amidst strikes and protests by coca farmers. (AFP)


  • Afghanistan: The US Senate approved a cut for $1.6 billion funding toward the training of Afghan security forces. (Reuters)
  • India: Abdullah Uni, a divisional commander of Lashkar-e-Taiba, was killed by troops in Indian Kashmir; Lashkar-e-Taiba is held responsible for the 2008 Mumbai attacks. (AFP)


  • Region: Chinese Premier Wen said that China is ready to help Europe with increased investment. (AP)
  • Region: The WHO outlined a $5 billion dollar plan to combat the spread of drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis that are spreading across Europe. (Reuters)
  • France: The country’s top two banks – Credit Agricole and Société Générale – were downgraded by Moody’s. (NYT)


  • Iraq: 17 were killed after a series of attacks directed against Iraqi military and security forces, including the bombing of a military base near Fallujah.  (AFP)
  • Palestinian Territories: US envoys will meet with Mahmoud Abbas in an effort to halt UN statehood bid. (Reuters)
  • Syria: Members of the Arab League called for an “immediate change” to the country’s violence. (Reuters)


  • Wi-Fi: Google will allow owners of home wireless networks to opt out of being included into the company’s mapping database. (AP)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Storm 18W (Roke)
    • Location: 24.6 N, 136.8 E
    • Movement: N at 7 KTs
    • Winds: 35 KTs
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Tropical Storm Maria
    • Location: 24.2 N, 68.6 W
    • Movement: NNW at 10 mph
    • Winds: 60 mph
    • Map
  • Earthquakes:
    • Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes:
    • Nothing to report


  • Denmark: National elections held.
  • El Salvador: Independence Day celebrated – 1821.
  • Guatemala: Independence Day celebrated – 1821.
  • Honduras: Independence Day celebrated – 1821.
  • Nicaragua: Independence Day celebrated – 1821.


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