ONS: 14 January 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on January 14, 2011


  • AFRICA: President Goodluck Jonathan won Nigerian primary
  • ASIA: India to cut Kashmir troops by 25 percent
  • EUROPE: Pentagon denied alleged plans to deliver arms to Georgia
  • LATIN AMERICA: More than 500 dead in Brazil floods
  • MIDDLE EAST: France calls for “contract group” on Lebanon
  • US/CANADA: Gibbs spurs with Russian journalist over Tucson incident
  • TECHNOLOGY: North Korea builds up online presence.


  • US forces needed in Japan to counter threats
    • Defense Secretary Gates said US forces need to remain in Japan to deter further North Korean military provocations.
    • He also stated the US presence is necessary to counter China’s stance in the region.
    • Coverage: AFP


  • Niger: The AU, ECOWAS, and the UN formed a joint mission to send to Niger ahead of the country’s upcoming elections. (Xinhua)
  • Nigeria: President Goodluck Jonathan garnered more than two-thirds of the vote in the primary election for the People’s Democratic Party. (BBC, CNN)
  • Tunisia: Despite reports that Tunis appears to have returned to calm as security forces reduced their presence, protests resumed as thousands took to the streets. (AP, AFP, BBC)


  • India: Home Secretary GK Pillai announced plans to reduce the number of security forces in populated areas in Indian-administered Kashmir by 25 percent in the next twelve months. (BBC)
  • Kazakhstan: The Parliament voted unanimously in favor of a referendum to extend the rule of Nursultan Nazarbayev until 2020. (RIA Novosti)
  • Korea, South: A South Korean court jailed a North Korean spy for ten years for plotting to assassinate the highest-ranking defector ever to flee the Communist state. (AFP)


  • Belarus: The official newspaper of the presidential administration accused Poland and Germany of seeking to topple President Alexander Lukashenko by organizing the December protest against his reelection. (AFP)
  • Georgia: The US Department of Defense denied alleged speculation by the Russian media that Washington plans to resume arms sales, specifically anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons, to Georgia. (RIA Novosti)
  • Moldova: PM Vlad Filat will nominate a new government, uniting representative of the pro-western coalition, for parliamentary approval today. (Itar-Tass)


  • Brazil: More than 500 people died in southeastern Brazil as heavy rains continue to cause catastrophic flooding and mudslides. (AFP, BBC, NYT)
  • Chile: Defense Minister Jaime Ravinet resigned, citing “personal, private reasons.” (Xinhua)
    • Local media reported Ravinet has been at odds with a transparency commission of the investigation into a military bridge.
  • Haiti: An anonymous senior government official said President Rene Preval “has a number of reservations on the methodology” of the Organization of American States report that challenges the election results. (Reuters)


  • Iran: The government formed a cyber-police unit to confront “modern crimes,” including online activities by political opposition groups. (DPA)
  • Iran: The US Treasury sanctioned 24 shipping companies, including 20 in Hong Kong, for allegedly operating as fronts for Iranian businesses involved in Tehran’s missile programs. (AFP)
  • Lebanon: France called for the creation of an international “contract group” consisting Syria, Saudi Arabia, France, the US, Qatar, and Turkey to negotiate a settlement to the recent political crisis. (AFP)


  • US: White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs sparred with Andrei Sitov of Itar-Tass, Russia’s official news agency, yesterday when the journalist questioned whether freedom of speech should be curtailed in light of the Tucson shooting. (Wash Post)


  • Korea, North: The state has recently revived the use of its Internet domain .kp as part of a campaign to increase its online presence. (AFP)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report.
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Loyalty Islands.
    • Magnitude: 7.0
    • Depth: 5.9 km.
    • MAP
  • Volcanoes: Volcano Kizimen, Russia.
  • Volcanoes: Mount Etna, Italy.


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