ONS: 14 December 2010

by TRG Alerts Admin on December 14, 2010


  • AFRICA: Aid groups call for action to prevent new LRA massacres.
  • ASIA: Pakistani Prime Minister removes two ministers.
  • EUROPE: Russia to build a unified air defense base.
  • LATIN AMERICA: Clinton urges resolution in Haiti.
  • MIDDLE EAST: UN to end Saddam-era sanctions on Iraq.
  • TECHNOLOGY: YouTube users to raise terrorism flag on videos.


  • North Korea has “positive attitude” on six-party talks
    • Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said that North Korea “has taken a positive attitude” with regard to the resumption of the stalled six-party talks.
    • Yu also stated Pyongyang agreed to help prevent any further escalation of tensions with the South.
    • The spokeswoman told reporters that officials in Pyongyang expressed this during the Chinese State Councilor’s visit last week.
    • Coverage: AFP


    • Region: An alliance of 19 aid agencies urged the international community to avert a third consecutive year of “Christmas massacres” by the Lord Resistance Army rebels in central Africa. (AFP, BBC)
    • Region: The African Union announced a draft law that criminalizes terrorism and bans any kind of ransom payment. (AFP)
    • Sudan: Western nations offered Sudan economic incentives, including lifting US sanctions and reintegration with the World Bank, to tempt the country away from isolation if the south splits next year. (Reuters)


    • Korea, South: The head of South Korea’s army, General Hwang Eui-don, resigned after reports linked him to a financial scandal. (BBC)
    • Pakistan: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani removed two federal ministers who leveled allegations of correction against each other. (Xinhua)
      • Azam Swati, Minister for Science and Technology, and Hamid Saeed Kazmi, Minister for Religious Affairs, were fired.
    • Philippines: Manila intends to forge a final peace agreement with the communist National Democratic Front within three years. (Xinhua)


      • Italy: Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi won a vote of confidence in the Senate, but must now face a second vote in the lower house. (BBC)
      • Russia: Chief of the Russian General Staff announced Russia’s plans to build a unified air defense base in 2011 to protect the country from missiles. (RIA Novosti)
      • Spain: Pello Urizar, head of ETA’s political wing Batasuna, stated it is unlikely the organization will end its armed struggle before Christmas. (AFP)


      • Cuba: The Cuban government launched its own online encyclopedia, similar to Wikipedia, in order to present its view of the world and history. (BBC)
      • Haiti: US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton warned that the US could cut off aid until the election crisis is resolved. (BBC)
      • Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez vowed to assume decree powers for up to 18 months and justified the measure as an emergency response to the country’s recent floods. (Reuters)


      • Region: Jordan and Lebanon signed a bilateral military cooperation agreement, which will include assisting with the training of Lebanese forces. (DPA)
      • Iraq: The United Nations Security Council is set to end a series of Saddam Hussein-era sanctions against Iraq on Wednesday. (AFP)
      • Yemen: A senior Yemeni intelligence official survived a roadside bombing planted by al Qaeda militants in the southern province of Abyan. (Xinhua)


      • World: Facebook released its top ten status trends for 2010, which included World Cup (#2), Haiti (#5), and Mineros/Miners (#8). (Mashable)
      • World: YouTube will allow users to flag videos that they suspect of promoting terrorism (DPA)


      • Cyclones: Nothing to report.
      • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
      • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
      • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.

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