ONS: 13 September 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on September 13, 2011


  • AFRICA: Amnesty International says both Libyan sides committed war crimes
  • AMERICAS: White House says 9/11 terror threats not “useless chatter”
  • ASIA: Taliban attacks US embassy and ISAF in Kabul
  • EUROPE: Italy in talks with China as Rome seeks bond buyers
  • MIDDLE EAST: Turkish PM began his ‘Arab Spring tour’
  • TECHNOLOGY: GigaPan technology can capture a large crowd in detail


  • Al Qaeda marked 9/11 anniversary with an hour-long video
    • The video, titled ‘The Dawn of Imminent Victory,’ was recorded by Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s successor.
    • Al-Zawahiri hails the Arab Spring as an opportunity to overthrow secular regimes in favor of governments based on Sharia law.
    • The video also includes a message in which Osama bin Laden warns Americans against “falling as slaves” under the control of major corporations.
    • Al-Qaeda states that the recording was made before Osama’s death.
    • The video does not make reference to any specific threats.
    • Coverage: AP, AFP, Reuters, SkyNews


  • Libya: Amnesty International released a report accusing anti-Gaddafi forces of human rights abuses. (AP)
  • Libya: Mustafa Abdel-Jalil pledged that moderate Islam would guide state legislation while simultaneously rejecting Islamist extremism. (NYT)
  • Nigeria: President Goodluck Johnathan ordered Nigeria’s security chief to “take all necessary actions” to quell the recent surge in violent attacks. (AFP)


  • Mexico: Mexican marines arrested Mireya Moreno Carreon, a suspected leader of Los Zeta’s operations in Monterrey. (EFE)
  • USA: The White House said terror threats made around the 9/11 anniversary were not “useless chatter,” and authorities remain vigilant in pursuing leads. (Xinhua)


  • Region: China, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan jointly submitted an International Code of Conduct for Information Security to the UN. (Xinhua)
  • Afghanistan: The Taliban claimed responsibility for attacking the US embassy and ISAF headquarters in Kabul. (Reuters)
  • India: Gujarat police arrested a man in relation to last week’s bombing. (BBC)
  • Pakistan: US will send targeted food and medical aid to the 5.9 million affected by recent floods. (AFP)


  • Region: German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke to ease worries over Greece’s financial crisis. (AFP)
  • Italy: Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti met with the head of the China Investment Corporation (CIC) to promote the Chinese purchase of Italian bonds. (AFP)
  • Romania: The US and Romania will sign a ballistic defense agreement allowing for the deployment of SM-3 interceptors. (Xinhua)


  • Region: Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan appeared on Egyptian TV and labeled Israel as “the West’s spoiled child.” (NYT)
  • Iraq: Camp Victory is getting ready to close. (WaPo)
  • Syria: The UN HRC appointed three experts to examine ongoing human rights violations. (AFP)


  • Interactive Panoramic Imaging: GigaPan can capture a large crowd in detail, with each image containing billions of pixels. (USA Today)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Depression 18
    • Location: 22.3 N, 136.8 E
    • Movement: WNW at 7 KTs
    • Winds: 30 KTs
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Tropical Storm Maria
    • Location: 21.6 N, 67.7 W
    • Movement: NNW at 5 mph
    • Winds: 50 mph
    • Map
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


  • Global: World Economic Forum held in Dalian.
  • Global: 66th meeting of UN General Assembly starts.



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