ONS: 13 December 2011

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  • AFRICA: ICC referred Malawi to the UNSC over its refusal to turn in Sudanese President al-Bashir
  • AMERICAS: Venezuelan President Chavez launched a new social “mission” to help poor children
  • ASIA: Myanmar authorities allowed Suu Kyi’s opposition to legally re-register for upcoming elections
  • EUROPE: Thousands of Italians protested austerity measures
  • MIDDLE EAST: Saudi Arabia donated oil to Yemen to end a fuel-shortage
  • TECHNOLOGY: YouTube planned to launch “YouTube for Schools,” a portal specifically for education


  • US: Congress moved closer to passing a budget that includes a defense bill
    • Congress refused the $150 million funding requested to relocate 8,000 Marines from Okinawa to Guam
    • Negotiators agreed to a $662 billion defense bill with a revised provision on handling suspected terrorists
    • Leaders of the negotiation panel said they agreed to freeze $700 million in aid to Pakistan until it provides assurances of assistance in the fight against improvised explosive devices
    • Coverage: Kyodo, AP, Reuters, Reuters-2


  • Region: The ICC said it would refer Malawi to the UNSC over its refusal to arrest Sudan’s President al-Bashir. (AFP)
  • Region: Oxfam reported that more than nine million people in Africa’s Sahel region face a food crisis next year, following low rainfall, poor harvests, high food prices and a drop in remittances from migrants. (Reuters)
  • Libya: New leaders said they hope to have a working army and police force within 100 days time. (AP)
  • Mali: AQIM  posted photographs on an Islamist website of five Europeans kidnapped last month in Mali. (Reuters)


  • Region: Finance ministers from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay agreed to boost measures to mitigate the effects of the global economic crisis. (Xinhua)
  • Bolivia: New construction, largely funded by cocaine money, transformed the skyline of La Paz. (AFP)
  • Brazil: President Rousseff touted a recently-launched plan aimed at cracking down on drug trafficking and rehabilitating drug addicts. (Xinhua)
  • US: Two helicopters crashed on the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, killing four soldiers and injuring two. (AP)
  • Venezuela: President Chavez’s government launched a new program to provide $100 a month to poor Venezuelan children. (Reuters)


  • Region: Despite the vacating of Shamsi airbase in Pakistan, the CIA directed its sights on bases in Jalalabad and Kandahar, Afghanistan as new locations to stage drone flights. (Danger Room by Wired)
  • China: Beijing said it may accept an offer from the Seychelles to host its navy ships. (AP)
  • Japan: The government selected the Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighter to bolster its aging air force, and is likely to announce the multibillion-dollar deal by the end of the week. (AP)
  • Myanmar: Authorities allowed Suu Kyi’s opposition to legally re-register. (AFP)
  • Papua New Guinea: The Supreme Court ruled the election of PM O’Neill is unconstitutional, and restored his predecessor Sir Somare as the nation’s leader in a 3-2 majority decision. (AP)


  • Region: Investors braced for a possible mass downgrade of Eurozone countries as soon as this week after EU leaders failed to agree on decisive measures to tackle the region’s debt crisis. (Reuters)
  • Region: British PM Cameron told lawmakers his decision to veto a new EU treaty was in the national interest, while insisting that membership of the bloc remained vital. (AFP)
  • Italy: Thousands protested against austerity measures adopted by PM Monti’s emergency cabinet. (Xinhua)
  • Russia: PM Putin’s spokesman said the results of Russia’s contested parliamentary polls will stand. (AFP)


  • Region: Saudi Arabia decided to donate oil to end fuel shortage crisis in its impoverished neighbor Yemen. (Xinhua)
  • Iran: President Barack Obama asked Iran to return a US drone that Tehran said it brought down while overflying its territory. (AFP)
  • Iraq: A US official said the US plans to sell Iraq 18 more F-16 fighter jets. (AFP)
  • Syria: An explosion ripped through a gas pipeline near Rastan and fire was seen rising from the site. (Reuters)


  • Technology: The European Commission presented legislation to open up access to public sector data. (Reuters)
  • Technology: YouTube plans to launch “YouTube for Schools,” a portal that helps curate education materials and videos on subjects such as history and math while filtering out potentially offensive or distracting content. (Mashable)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Depression 26W (Twentysix)
    • Location: 325 NM ESE of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Winds: 25 knots
    • Movement: WSW at 06 knots
    • Map
  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert WTPN21
    • Location: 450 NM SSE of Guam
    • Winds: 15-20 knots
    • Movement: W at 22 knots
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: Sulawesi, Indonesia
    • Magnitude: 6.1
    • Depth: 160.9 km
    • Map
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


  • Global: OPEC meeting held in Vienna.
  • Europe: Caucasian security and stability meeting held in Geneva.
  • Middle East: Mideast Quartet meeting held in Paris.
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina: Anniversary of Dayton Peace Agreement – 1995.
  • Egypt: Second round of Egyptian parliamentary elections.
  • Iraq: Anniversary of former Iraqi leader Hussein captured – 2003.
  • Israel: Anniversary of the annexation of the Golan Heights – 1981.
  • United States: President Obama makes Iraq withdrawal speech.

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