ONS: 13 December 2010

by TRG Alerts Admin on December 13, 2010


  • AFRICA: EU to punish Ivory Coast.
  • ASIA: Afghan lawmakers demand Karzai inaugurate new parliament.
  • EUROPE: Deputy Russian PM visits islands claimed by Japan.
  • LATIN AMERICA: Haiti reopens election appeals in plea for calm.
  • MIDDLE EAST: Iranian politicians call for UK ambassador recall.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Twitter says 25 billion tweets in 2010.


  • DPRK accuses South Korea of lying in artillery shelling incident
    • Rodong Sinmun, a leading North Korean newspaper, accused South Korea of lying in its propaganda over last month’s island shelling incident.
    • The paper stated South Korea’s claim that DPRK provoked the incident is “a lie to the world.”
    • The DPRK said the incident was used as an excuse to accelerate Seoul’s confrontation with the North by gaining the assistance of the international community.
    • Coverage: Xinhua


    • Ivory Coast: The EU will approve “restrictive measures” on the Ivory Coast over Laurent Gbagbo’s refusals to recognize his rival’s electoral victory. (AFP)
    • Kenya: Local media reported that a request to recall US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger is imminent as the government holds a cabinet meeting to discuss the diplomat’s future. (DPA)
    • Nigeria: The Joint Task Force seized eight rebel camps belonging to militant leader Ateke Tom in the Niger Delta. (AFP)


    • Region: Japan stated it has no plan of dispatching its Self-Defense Forces to the Korean Peninsula to rescue Japanese nationals in the event of an escalation of tensions. (Xinhua)
    • Afghanistan: Around 100 Afghan lawmakers demanded that President Karzai inaugurate the country’s new parliament on December 19 despite ongoing disputes over the poll results. (AFP)
    • India: The Foreign Minister lodged a formal complaint with the US after India’s United Nations ambassador Hardeep Puri’s turban was searched by airport security in Houston, Texas. (DPA)


    • Kosovo: Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and his Democratic Party of Kosovo claimed victory in the country’s first parliamentary vote since its independence. (BBC)
    • Kosovo: The Democratic League of Kosovo, the country’s main opposition party, rejected exit polls that said it came in second to the Prime Minister’s party. (AFP)
    • Russia: Local media reported that First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov visited Kunashir, one of the four Kuril Islands that are claimed by Japan. (AFP)


    • Haiti: The electoral council will allow candidates to appeal the disputed presidential election results in an attempt to calm the unrest. (AP)
    • Mexico: Hundreds of people demonstrated in Apatzingan in support of La Familia drug lord Nazario Moreno. (AFP)
    • Mexico: Eight out of the twelve top US gun dealers, whose products fuel Mexico’s drug violence, are based in Texas. (AFP, Wash Post)


    • Region: Jordan’s King Abdullah II is seeking “practical steps” for improving his country’s relationship with Iran. (AP)
    • Iran: Iranian politicians called for the expulsion of UK Ambassador Simon Gass after comments he made about the country’s human rights record. (BBC)
    • Lebanon: Sunni leaders urged supporters to stand against Hezbollah and accused the army of serving as a cover for the Shiite group. (AFP)


    • China: The BBC’s website is accessible again in China after being blocked for several days as part of the media blackout related to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. (BBC)
    • World: Twitter announced that 25 billion tweets were sent in total in 2010. (TechCrunch)


    • Cyclones: Nothing to report.
    • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
    • Earthquakes: Bougainville Region, Papua New Guinea
      • Magnitude: 6.2
      • Depth: 146.9 km
      • MAP
    • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


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