ONS: 12 September 2014

by TRG Alerts Admin on September 12, 2014


  • AFRICA: IMF in talks with African nations to expand bailouts for Ebola crisis.
  • AMERICAS: Grupo Mexico company to pay USD151 million for oil spill damages in Mexico.
  • ASIA: South Korea to release preliminary plan to finance the peninsula’s unification.
  • EUROPE: US and EU imposed 30 day sanctions on Russia, contingent on Russia abiding by truce.
  • MIDDLE EAST: Syrians Al-Nusra rebels freed 45 UN peacekeepers from Fiji.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Yahoo revealed details of an acrimonious legal battle with US government over customer data from 2008


  • Iraq and Syria: International reception of President Obama’s plan to destroy IS.
    • Secretary of State Kerry and diplomats from across the Middle East coordinated strategies to blunt the militants’ swift march in Iraq and Syria.
    • Congressional leaders pledge to support President Obama’s IS plan.
    • Washington’s international allies did not make clear how far they would go to join military operations even as they pledged their support.
    • A coalition of 10 Arab states threw their support behind President Obama’s pledge to destroy the IS movement in Iraq and Syria.
    • Moscow, Tehran, and Assad warn US against strikes on IS.
    • Germany working to ban IS, and makes supporting them a crime.
    • French PM in Iraq to coordinate offensive against IS.
    • IS financial support coming primarily from wealthy Middle-Eastern individuals.
    • Coverage: BBC, BBC – 2, Guardian, Guardian – 2, Reuters, Reuters – 2, Telegraph, WP, WSJ, WSJ – 2


  • Kenya: The country appointed a new intelligence chief amid rising Shabaab threat. (REU)
  • Libya: Despite chaos, the country hopes to vote on a new constitution in Dec. (REU)
  • Liberia: The country’s FM tells UNSC that country is “facing a serious threat of national non-existence” from Ebola crisis. (WP)
  • Nigeria: Boko Haram puts Maiduguri under ‘siege’. (BBC)
  • Regional: IMF in talks with African nations to expand bailouts for Ebola crisis. (WSJ)


  • Argentina: The country defies US court in dispute with creditors. (BBC)
  • Mexico: Grupo Mexico to pay USD151 million dollars for spill damage. (Miami)
  • Venezuela: Government extends night closure of Colombia border to stop smuggling (REUT)


  • Australia: The country raised its threat level to ‘high’ for the first time in 6 years. (REU)
  • South Korea: Country will release a preliminary plan in OCT to lay out how debt financing could help rebuild North Korea’s shattered economy after an eventual reunification. (WSJ)
  • Thailand: PM Chan-ocha aims to broaden the tax base and bring in inheritance tax. (REU)


  • Regional: EU imposed new economic sanctions on Russia over Ukraine. (REU, BBC)
  • Regional: EU sanctions could be lifted in a month if President Putin abides by truce. (REU)
  • Estonia: EU urges ‘immediate release’ of Estonian policeman held by Russia. (AFP)
  • Spain: Thousands rallied in Barcelona demanding right to hold independence referendum vote. (BBC)
  • Turkey: The country is increasing its border security resulting from IS threat. (BBC)


  • Syria: Al-Nusra rebels freed 45 UN peacekeepers from Fiji. (WSJ)
  • Syria: New UN envoy de Mistura to the country presses for more truces. (WSJ)


  • Surveillance: Yahoo revealed details of an acrimonious legal battle with the US government over customer data from 2008. (WSJ)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Depression 15W (Fifteen)
    • Location: 192 NM N of  Yap
    • Movement: NW at 23 mph
    • Winds: 29 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Tropical Storm Odile
    • Location: 210 miles SW of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico
    • Movement: W at 2 mph
    • Winds: 50 mph
    • Map
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Volcanoes: Holuhraun, Iceland.
    • Volcanic eruption sending toxic gases throughout region (WSJ)
  • Global Disease Outbreaks:
    • Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)
      • Cases: 3685 (Guinea, Mali, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, DR Congo)
      • Deaths: 1841 (Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone)
      • Sourcing: WHO, WHO-2
    • Novel Coronavirus (MERS-CoV, SARS-related)
      • Cases as of 24JUL: 837 (Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Italy, Iran, France, Germany, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, UAE, United Kingdom, Egypt, US, Yemen)
      • Deaths as of 24JUL: 291 (Saudi Arabia, France, Qatar, United Kingdom, UAE, Oman)
    • Sourcing: WHO, WHO-2


  • Philippines: Philippine President Benigno Aquino III to begin visits to Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, and United States (to 24SEP)
  • Ukraine: Ukraine will host US-led military drills dubbed “Rapid Trident 14” (to 26SEP)



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