ONS: 12 May 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on May 12, 2011


  • AFRICA: South Sudan’s army killed over 80 militants
  • ASIA: A drone attack killed five militants in Pakistan
  • EUROPE: Denmark said it would reintroduce border controls
  • LATIN AMERICA: Haitian officials reversed parliamentary election results
  • MIDDLE EAST: Yemeni security forces killed ten protesters
  • TECHNOLOGY: A US net censorship bill will require search engines to block sites


  • Libya: Gaddafi appeared on state TV after long absence
    • Gaddafi was filmed from a distance, talking with tribal leaders.
    • The opposition took Misrata’s airport, while NATO bombing of Tripoli continued.
    • Opposition figures in Washington will press the Obama administration for financial aid.
    • A video of Gaddafi’s TV appearance was shared on social media.
    • Coverage: AFP, Al Jazeera, BBC, NYT, RIA Novosti, Telegraph, WaPo, WSJ


  • Nigeria: Suspected Boko Haram militants killed two in Maiduguri. (Xinhua)
  • Nigeria: The army clashed with militants along the Niger Delta. (Reuters)
  • Sudan: South Sudan’s army killed over 80 militants in oil producing Unity state. (Reuters)
  • Uganda: Opposition figure Kizza Besigye returned from Kenya as President Yoweri Museveni was sworn in. (AP)


  • Region: US lawmakers said the reorganization of American forces in Guam, Korea and Okinawa is unaffordable. (AP)
  • Japan: TEPCO said unexpectedly low levels of water at the Fukushima plant left nuclear fuel rods fully exposed. (Xinhua)
  • Korean Peninsula: Pyongyang rejected an invitation to a nuclear summit in Seoul. (Reuters)
  • Pakistan: A US drone attack killed five suspected militants in North Waziristan. (AFP)


  • Denmark: The government will reintroduce border controls at its intra-EU borders with Germany and Sweden. (AFP)
  • Finland: The nationalist True Finns party pulled out of coalition talks. (DPA)
  • Russia: A militant and two police officers were killed in a shootout in Dagestan. (RIA Novosti)
  • Turkey: Kurdish rebels killed two police officers in an attack on a police station in Silopi. (AP)


  • Region: Chile will extend its military presence in Haiti by one year. (Xinhua)
  • Haiti: Haitain officials reversed the election results for nearly all 19 contested legislative races. (AP)
  • Honduras: A shooutout in Catacamas killed six drug traffickers and injured two police officers. (AP)
  • Mexico: A Guanajuato judge ordered the prosecution of 16 police officers for ties to drug cartel. (EFE)


  • Region: A Saudi-led force will remain in Bahrain even after emergency rule is lifted in June. (AP)
  • Iran: The US will boost efforts to help anti-government activists in Iran skirt Tehran’s telephone and Internet surveillance. (AFP)
  • Syria: Security forces broke up a thousand-strong, anti-government student demonstration in Aleppo. (BBC)
  • Yemen: Security forces in Sanaa killed ten protesters. (AFP)


  • USA: A proposal of the PROTECT IP Act will require search engines to block foreign “rogue sites”. (Wired – Epicenter)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Storm 03W (Aere)
    • Location: 230 NM SSE of Sasebo, Japan
    • Movement: NM at 26 kts
    • Winds: 35 kts
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Volcanoes: Karymsky volcano, Kamchatka


  • Lebanon: Demonstrations for the liberation of Jerusalem.


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