ONS: 12 December 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on December 12, 2011


  • AFRICA: AQIM claimed responsibility for kidnappings in Mali
  • AMERICAS: Mexican army discovered a 50-yard long tunnel possibly used to cross the border into the US
  • ASIA: Japan launched a radar satellite, bringing itself closer to building a spy satellite network
  • EUROPE: Russia’s state television decided to cover nationwide rallies
  • MIDDLE EAST: SEC regulators told US-listed companies to disclose business activity with Syria and  Iran
  • TECHNOLOGY:  Three Romanian hackers were arrested while attempting to steal $1 million


  • United Kingdom: Veto turned Europe against PM Cameron
    • With Cameron’s veto of the EU treaty he further distanced the UK from Europe
    • Deputy PM Clegg said, “I think a Britain which leaves the EU will be considered to be irrelevant by Washington and will be considered a pygmy in the world.”
    • PM Cameron will defend his decision to veto the treaty today
    • Coverage: AFP, Reuters


  • Ivory Coast: Officials said the opposition’s boycott did not significantly disrupt voting. (Reuters)
  • Libya: An official with Human Rights Watch expressed concern over the lack of transparency among Libya’s interim National Transitional Council rulers. (AFP)
  • Libya: A team of US weapons experts disposed of hundreds of pounds of explosives. (AP)
  • Mali: A statement from AQIM claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of five Europeans in two separate incidents. (AFP)
  • Somalia: The al-Shabaab released copies of the alleged identification cards of 10 African Union peacekeepers it said were killed in Somalia. (DPA)


  • Region: The Mexican army found a 50-yard long tunnel starting in the northern city of Nogales, which is across the border from Nogales, Arizona. (AP)
  • Peru: President Humala swore in a new team of ministers. (Reuters)
  • Peru: Former President Toledo announced his party was leaving Peru’s ruling coalition after President Humala appointed an ex-army officer as the new prime minister. (AFP)


  • Region: Gunmen in Pakistan killed a NATO truck driver and burnt seven tankers carrying oil for Western troops in Afghanistan. (AFP)
  • Region: The Sydney Morning Herald said sources revealed the Australian defense department was working on a plan to drastically lower the number of troops mentoring Afghan soldiers by 2013. (AFP)
  • Afghanistan: A total of 14 insurgents were killed and 11 captured in three different military operations launched by Afghan and NATO-led coalition forces. (Xinhua)
  • Japan: Today, Japan successfully launched a radar satellite into space, bringing the country closer to completing a planned spy satellite network by 2013. (DPA)
  • Philippines: President Aquino III appointed Lt. Gen. Dellosa as the new chief-of-staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. (Xinhua)


  • France: Former PM and conservative politician Dominique de Villepin announced he would run in next year’s presidential vote. (AFP)
  • Italy: Police seized 100 million euros ($134 million) in mafia assets as part of a vast operation against the Camorra, a Naples crime syndicate. (AFP)
  • Russia: After ignoring protests against election results for a week, Russia’s state television opted to cover nationwide rallies this weekend. (AFP)
  • S Ossetia: Leaders reached an agreement where President Kokoity resigned and Alla Dzhioyeva received a chance to run for the presidency once again. (Interfax)


  • Region: Securities regulators told at least a dozen US-listed companies to disclose business activity in and with Syria, Iran and others deemed “state sponsors’’ of terror. (FT)
  • Egypt: Islamists said they would not accept any interference from the ruling military council over the future constitution. (AFP)
  • Iran: Intelligence Minister Moslehi said the launch of a virtual embassy for Iranians is a US trap for espionage. (Xinhua)
  • Iraq: NATO denied an assertion by Iraq’s national security advisor that it decided to withdraw its mission by the end of the year after Baghdad refused to grant it legal immunity. (AFP)
  • Iraq: PM al-Maliki arrived in Washington, looking to open a new chapter with the US. (AFP)
  • Yemen: Twelve alleged al-Qaeda militants plus two other inmates tunnelled their way to freedom from a prison in the southern city of Aden. (AFP)


  • Cybersecurity: Three hackers were arrested in Romania while trying to withdraw $1 million that prosecutors said they illegally transferred from the accounts of Italian and US nationals. (AFP)
  • Cybersecurity: As few as 12 different Chinese groups conduct the majority of the China-based cyberattacks stealing critical data from US companies and government agencies. (AP)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert WTPN21
    • Location: 295 nm N of Brunei
    • Winds: 17-22 knots
    • Movement: W at 08 knots
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


  • Angola: Opposition party holds meeting.
  • France: National austerity protests held.
  • Ivory Coast: Legislative elections held.
  • Poland: Opposition Law and Justice Party holds march against EU integration.

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