ONS: 11 August 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on August 11, 2011


  • AFRICA:  United Nations warned the remaining 11 million East Africans that the “peak” of famine has yet to come.
  • AMERICAS: Debt “Super-committee” took shape following addition of Republicans.
  • ASIA:  Umar Patek, suspect in Bali bombing, extradited from Pakistan to Indonesia.
  • EUROPE:  France grew concerned over talk to downgrade from AAA rating.
  • MIDDLE EAST: American airstrike killed Taliban members who downed Chinook helicopter.
  • TECHNOLOGY:  Drudge Report refers more traffic than Facebook, Twitter.


  • Global: White House affirmed discussion between White House and European leaders regarding Eurozone debt crisis amid resurgence of trading volume. WSJ-1, WSJ-2
  • Global:  Aid suspected to not reach East Africans in need. AP-1, AP-2


  • Region: United Nations warns that, due to al-Shabaab’s restriction, aid cannot reach the estimated 11 million East Africans in need of food. AP
  • Libya: EU reinforced sanctions to increase pressure on Gaddafi. Xinhua


  • USA: Marine Corps jet went missing near San Diego. AP-1, AP-2
  • USA: “Super-committee” took shape as Republicans nominated Representatives and Senators. BBC, CNN, LA Times


  • China: Shi Lang, a refurbished Soviet aircraft carrier, set sail as China manifested its naval ambition. Globe and Mail, Wall Street Journal
  • Indonesia: Suspect in the bombing of Bali nightclubs was extradited from Pakistan, taken to Indonesia. AFP
  • Taiwan: With Shi Lang as a backdrop, Taiwan released information on its “Aircraft Carrier Killer,” Hsiung Feng Ill. China Real Time Report (WSJ), ChinaPost


  • France: Amid downgrade concerns, investors landed their sights on France as the “next” suspected downgrade from AAA. NYT
  • United Kingdom: London police raided houses, gathered information from internet.  BBC


  • Afghanistan: NATO International Security Assistance Force conducted airstrikes in Wardak province killing “less than 10” insurgents. LA Times
  • Lebanon: An explosion in Beirut, a suspected car-bomb, killed at least 2. AP, Al Jazeera, Reuters.
  • Syria: In effort to increase pressure, United States prepared to increase sanctions and to call on Assad to step down. Telegraph, GulfNews
  • Syria: Residents of Saraqib reported heavy gunfire following invasion of Syrian troops. CNN


  • Global: Twitter content to be shown in realtime as Twitter adds two new features: “@USERNAME” and “Activity.” TechCrunch
  • Global: According to recent study, Drudge Report is responsible for more referrals than Facebook and Twitter combined. Mashable


  • Cyclones: Tropical Depression Thirteen (13W)
    • Location: 475 NM SOUTH OF KYOTO, JAPAN
    • Movement: NNE at 08 knots
    • Wind: 20 knots
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


  • Russia: Anniversary of the Kursk submarine tragedy – 2000.


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