ONS: 11 April 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on April 11, 2011


  • AFRICA: UN and French forces fired on Gbagbo forces and compound.
  • ASIA: Earthquake hit Japan; tsunami warning issued, then lifted.
  • EUROPE: French burqa ban went into effect.
  • LATIN AMERICA: Humala leads in Peruvian elections.
  • MIDDLE EAST: Syrian military locked down the city of Banias.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Justice Department approved Google purchase of ITA.


  • Gaddafi accepts AU ceasefire; opposition demands Gaddafi leave
    • Mediators from the AU got Gaddafi’s government to agree to their roadmap for peace; they then traveled to Benghazi to speak with the opposition.
    • The opposition has announced that Gaddafi’s departure is a precondition for their acceptance of any ceasefire plan.
    • Coverage: WaPo, BBC


  • Egypt: Protestors in Tahrir Square continued to defy an army order to leave. (Reuters)
  • Ivory Coast: UN and French forces fired on Laurent Gbagbo’s forces and compound in response to attacks by his loyalists. (AP)
  • Tunisia: Security forces arrested the brother of ousted leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. (Reuters)


  • Japan: The government will extend the evacuation zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant because of high radiation levels. (Reuters)
  • Japan: An earthquake caused a tsunami warning and temporary interruption of power at the Fukushima power plant; the tsunami warning has since been lifted. (AP)
  • Pakistan: At least seven were killed in a gun battle and landmine explosion in western Pakistan. (DPA)


  • France: The country officially banned women from wearing full-face veils in public places. (AFP)
  • Russia: Three police officers were killed in Dagestan. (AP)
  • United Kingdom: Authorities arrested a Welsh Assembly candidate for burning a Koran. (UPI)


  • Mexico: Eight people were killed by gunmen in Ciudad Juarez. (LAHT)
  • Peru: Former military commander Ollanta Humala lead in polls for the Presidential election, but will likely face right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori in a run-off election. (Reuters)


  • Iraq: At least seven people were killed, and dozens wounded, in bombings in Fallujah and Baghdad. (Reuters)
  • Syria: Protests continued throughout Syria as the government sealed Banias; the Syrian military, including tanks, has been deployed throughout the country. (WP)
  • Yemen: The office of President Saleh announced that he agreed with a GCC plan that would have him hand power to his Vice-President – but not until his term ends in 2013. (Reuters)


  • Google: The Justice Department permitted Google to purchase ITA, but an antitrust investigation into Google may be launched. (Reuters)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: Near Honshu, Japan
    • Magnitude: 6.6
    • Depth: 10.0
    • Map
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


  • Swaziland: Pro-democracy protest; has been banned by government.


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