ONS: 10 March 2011

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Overnight News Summary

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10 March 2011



  • AFRICA: AU leaders met to discuss the situation in Ivory Coast.
  • ASIA: US forces “mistakenly” killed a cousin of Hamid Karzai during a raid in Kandahar.
  • EUROPE: A bomb detonated near the FSB Academy in Moscow.
  • LATIN AMERICA: Venezuelan authorities captured 417kg of cocaine.
  • MIDDLE EAST: An explosion at a major oil pipeline in Iraq will take a week to repair.
  • TECHNOLOGY: An Iranian general warned that the US critical infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber attacks.



  • Pro-Gaddafi forces continued to wage counterattacks against the opposition
  • A BBC camera crew captured by Gaddafi forces said they faced mock execution.
  • NATO members are continuing to discuss the possibility of a NFZ over Libya.
  • The UK and France have both come out strongly in favor of a NFZ, while Germany has expressed concerns about the consequences.
  • France formally recognized the opposition’s Transitional National Council.
  • Coverage: WSJ, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, #Libya, #Gaddafi



  • Ivory Coast: AU leaders met at their headquarters in Addis Ababa to discuss the situation in the Ivory Coast. (Xinhua)
  • Morrocco: In a nationally televised address, King Mohammed VI announced that constitutional reforms will be put to the people in a referendum. (Bloomberg)
  • Sudan: A faction of Darfurian rebels, known as the Sudan Liberation Army, attacked a Sudanese army supply convoy killing at least 17. (Reuters)



  • Afghanistan: US Special Forces “mistakenly” killed Hamid Karzai’s cousin in Kandahar. (DPA)
  • China: An earthquake struck near China’s border with Myanmar, killing at least 19 and injuring hundreds. (NBC)
  • China: Wu Bangguo, China’s parliament chief, said the nation would not become a multi-party democracy system, and such a system would lead to chaos. (Xinhua)
  • Korean Peninsula: A UN probe determined that North Korea violated the armistice agreement when it shelled a South Korean island in NOV10.

◦       The probe also determined the South was justified in returning fire. (AP)



  • Russia: In a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin suggested visa-free travel between Russia and the US. (Voice of Russia)
  • Russia: According to Interfax, Russia may be willing to trade captured spy Andrei Khlychyov for accused arms dealer Victor Bout.

◦       However, a separate report citing Russian security forces said this was untrue. (Xinhua)

  • Russia: A bomb, detonated by cell phone, exploded near FSB academy headquarters in southwestern Moscow; there were no casualties. (RIA Novosti)



  • Colombia: Interpol issued a code-red warning for Victor Ramon Vargas Salazar, a member of FARC wanted in Spain for his links to ETA. (UPI)
  • Mexico: US Attorney General Eric Holder announced an investigation into Operation “Fast and Furious,” which allowed over 1,000 guns to be smuggled into Mexico. (AFP)
  • Venezuela: Authorities seized 417kg of cocaine hidden inside of a Greek-flagged vessel in Jose Dock. (Xinhua)



  • Egypt: Mohammed El Baradei announced he will run for president if there is a democratic system in place.

◦       He criticized recent proposed reforms as leaving too much power in the hands of the presidency. (Bloomberg)

  • Iraq: The bomb attack at Ninawa led to the shutdown of an oil pipeline, and repairs will take up to five days. (AFP)
  • Saudi Arabia: Despite government warnings threatening to “cut off the fingers” of any protests, a crowd of approximately 200 Shiite protesters gathered in the city of Qatif. (Reuters)



  • Europe: EU cyber security agency ENISA warned that the threat posed by botnets is growing and that government, internet service providers, and individual users must help stop cyber-crime. (V3)
  • Iran: Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said that much of the US critical infrastructure, particularly its national power grids, remain vulnerable to a cyber attack. (FARS)



  • Cyclones: Nothing to Report
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to Report
  • Earthquakes: Myanmar-China border

◦       Magnitude: 5.4

◦       Depth: 34.9km

◦       Map

  • Off the coast of Honshu Japan
  • Magnitude: 6.1
  • Depth: 23km
  • Map
  • Near Britain Region, Papua New Guinea

◦       Magnitude: 6.5

◦       Depth: 29km

◦       Map

  • Volcanoes: Kilauea, Hawaii
  • Lava spewed 160ft in the air.




  • Europe: EU crisis summit on Libya.
  • Italy: PM Berlusconi bribery trial resumes.
  • Saudi Arabia: Protesters hold “Day of Rage.”


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