ONS: 10 January 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on January 10, 2011


  • AFRICA: Sudan north-south border clashes kill 23: officials
  • ASIA: S. Korean hackers trade cyber blows with N. Korea
  • EUROPE: ETA consolidates its ceasefire with Spain by making it “permanent”
  • LATIN AMERICA: Costa Rica strengthens defenses on disputed border with Nicaragua
  • MIDDLE EAST: Iran says it arrests Israel-linked spy network
  • TECHNOLOGY: 1986 Privacy Law Is Outrun by the Web


  • Pakistan: Governor’s accused killer makes unscheduled court appearance
    • Governor Taseer’s assassin, Muhammad Mumtaz Qadri, said that he acted alone and was not involved in a militant Islamic organization.
    • Qadri arrived a day early in court because authorities said they were finished with their investigation, though media speculated that authorities wanted to avoid the reception Qadri received during his arrest.
    • Coverage: CNN , AFP


  • Madagascar: The country is postponing its 16 March parliamentary elections in order to allow more time for the poll after all political parties met. Other reasons were gaps in the electoral lists. (DPA)
  • Niger: French Defense Minister Juppe traveled to Niger for talks after two Frenchmen were killed in a failed rescue operation from Al-Qaeda. (AFP)
  • Sudan: Voting was peaceful for a second day in the southern part of the country results are due on 15 February.
    • Twenty-three people were killed in the Abyei region in fighting between tribes and Arab nomads. (Reuters)


  • China: US Defense Secretary Gates and Defense Minister Liang Guanglie agreed to setup a working group for more regular, formal ties on strategic issues. (AP)
  • Korean Peninsula: Hackers from both countries are launching a propaganda war in cyberspace, with the South’s dcsinside and the North’s Uriminzokkiri websites being the focal points of attack. (AFP)
  • Pakistan: The government accepted opposition demands of a 30% reduction in government expenditure and the removal of corrupt officials. (AP)


  • Belarus: The government is considering seizing the son of a jailed opposition leader, signifying a similar strategy that Stalin instituted when putting opposition in gulags and their children in orphanages. (NYT)
  • Spain: ETA consolidated its four-month ceasefire making it permanent. ETA wants peaceful engagement with Spain. This is the 11th ceasefire since 1981. (DPA)


  • Costa Rica: Security Minister Tijerino said that helicopter landing pads have been built near Calero Island in the delta of the San Juan River on the frontier with Nicaragua. (DPA)


  • Region: Iran claims to have arrested a network of Israeli spies responsible for the murder of an Iranian nuclear scientist. (Reuters)
  • Palestinian Territories: Foreign Minister Maliki said that he would go to the UN to seek recognition of Palestine after five South American countries have recently recognized the territories. (AP)


  • The 1986 Privacy Law needs to be reformed to match today’s technology as internet and communications companies receive more requests from law enforcement to view files saved by potential criminals. (NYT)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


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