ONS: 10 February 2012

by TRG Alerts Admin on February 10, 2012


  • AFRICA: Somalia’s Al Shabab joined Al Qaeda
  • AMERICAS: Mexican army rescued 73 kidnapped migrants near the US border
  • ASIA: The Pakistani Supreme Court rejected PM Gilani’s appeal against contempt charges
  • EUROPE: Greek government coalition reached an agreement on austerity cuts
  • MIDDLE EAST: China will send a senior official to Iran for nuclear talks
  • TECHNOLOGY: Apple is reportedly in the final stages of developing the iPad 3


  • Syria: Siege of Homs intensified
    • Two explosions struck Aleppo, killing at least 25 and wounding 176.
    • Security forces continued their bombardment of Homs for the fifth day, and stormed parts of the city with tanks.
    • Turkey’s ambassador to the EU warned Syria was at risk of civil war and that sanctions would be ineffective.
    • Coverage: VoA, Reuters-1, Al Jazeera, Reuters-2


  • Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood called for the ruling military government to cede power. (NYT)
  • Nigeria: Bokom Haram is increasingly placing pressure on Nigeria’s economy. (Reuters)
  • Somalia: Somaliland forces clashed with Khaatumo secessionists. (Reuters)
  • Somalia: Islamist group Al Shabab joined Al Qaeda, according to a joint video released on Jihadist websites. (Al Jazeera, BBC)
  • South Africa: President Zuma ruled out the possibility of nationalizing the mining industry. (Reuters)


  • Region: The US military announced it was participating in an international operation to interdict drug smuggling off the coast of Central America. (AFP)
  • Region: Bolivian President Morales accused the US of spying on Latin American nations through USAID and other organizations. (Xinhua)
  • Colombia: An arrest warrant was issued for Luis Restrepo, who is accused of faking the demobilization of a group of FARC rebels in 2006. (BBC)
  • Mexico: The army rescued 73 kidnapped migrants held near the US border. (AFP)


  • Afghanistan: Private security companies reported corruption and other problems interfere with President Karzai’s plan to nationalize the private security industry. (AP)
  • China: Security forces killed two Tibetan protesters as a regional clampdown continued. (AFP)
  • Maldives: Ousted President Nasheed remained at liberty despite an arrest warrant, as UN officials attempted to prevent further violence. (Reuters)
  • Pakistan: Military forces killed 11 militants and wounded 19 during operations in Kurram. (Reuters)
  • Pakistan: The Supreme Court rejected PM Gilani’s appeal against contempt charges. (CNN)


  • Greece: PM Papadermos announced an agreement had been reached over austerity cuts. (Al Jazeera, NYT)
  • Greece: Opponents to austerity measures launched widespread strikes across the country. (Reuters)
  • Russia: The leader of South Ossetia’s main opposition party was hospitalized after a police raid on her headquarters. (AP)
  • Turkey: A suspected PKK suicide bomber was killed in an explosion in Istanbul. (AFP)


  • Iran: China’s Foreign Ministry announced a senior official would visit Iran to discuss Tehran’s nuclear program. (Reuters)
  • Palestinian Territories: Relations between Hamas and Iran are becoming increasingly strained due to the Arab Spring, according to reports. (AP)
  • Saudi Arabia: Security forces killed a Shiite protester in Qatif. (AFP)


  • Tablet Computing: Apple was reported to be in the final stages of iPad 3 development and application selection. (SlashGear)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone Giovanna
    • Location: 610 NM NW of La Reunion
    • Movement: SW at 13 mph
    • Winds: 60 mph
    • Map
  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone Jasmine
    • Location: 550 NM SSW of Nadi, Fiji
    • Movement: SE at 10 mph
    • Winds: 90 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes: Mount Lokon, Indonesia
    • Ash cloud, 2.5km exclusion zone established. (CNN)


  • Egypt: Anniversary of Hosni Mubarak stepping down – 2011.
  • Iran: Revolution day celebrated – 1979.
  • Russia: Second pro-Putin rally scheduled across the country.

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