ONS: 10 February 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on February 10, 2011


  • AFRICA: Bashir seeks Darfur “reward.”
  • ASIA: India and Pakistan to resume formal peace talks.
  • EUROPE: Offices of Bulgarian newspaper hit with explosion.
  • LATIN AMERICA: Aristide returning to Haiti would be a “distraction.”
  • MIDDLE EAST: King Abdullah warned Obama that Saudi could fund Egypt.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Chinese hackers infiltrate energy firms.


  • Rhetoric escalates between Egypt and the US
    • Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit accused the US of imposing its “will” on his nation and rebuffed calls to speed up the pace of political reform.
    • In contrast, the White House warned that Cairo has failed to even reach a “minimum threshold” for reform and stressed the regime must do more to meet protesters’ demands for change.
    • White House spokesman Robert Gibbs also noted Washington is waiting for “real, concrete” moves to speed the transition.
    • Coverage: Reuters, BBC


  • Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo took the United Nations off the air by removing the radio frequencies assigned to the mission. (AFP)
  • Sudan: The country’s UN ambassador hinted the arrest warrant for President Omar al-Bashir should be withdrawn as a “reward” for him accepting the south’s independence. (BBC)
  • Tunisia: Interim head of state Fouad Mebazza appealed to protesters to show patience, and stressed the government will “launch social negotiations on a national scale” soon. (Reuters)


  • Region: Indian sources said India and Pakistan agreed to resume formal peace talks that were broken off by New Delhi after the 2008 Mumbai attacks. (Reuters)
  • Korean Peninsula: North Korea said there is no need for further dialogue with “traitors” in South Korea, a day after the collapse of military talks aimed at easing tensions. (AFP)
  • Pakistan: A private Pakistani TV channel aired footage showing detained American Raymond Davis pleading with police to find his passport and saying he’s a consultant for the US consular general in Lahore. (AP)


  • Region: Ireland’s Sinn Fein party announced its support for Sortu, the new radical Basque separatist party in Spain. (DPA)
  • Bulgaria: An explosion hit the office of the daily newspaper Galeria, which recently published the controversial contents of wire-tapped telephone conversations by leading politicians and officials. (AFP)
  • Italy: Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said Italy has increased surveillance of links between Tunisia and Europe over fears of possible “terrorist infiltration.” (AFP)


  • Ecuador: Cesar Velez, a US soldier originally from Ecuador, has been missing in since last November, and the family claims he was kidnapped. (AFP)
  • Haiti: The US warned it would be “an unfortunate distraction” if former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned to Haiti before next month’s elections.  (AFP)
  • Mexico: Authorities arrested Adam Salazar Zamorano, the alleged lieutenant of the Sinaloa drug cartel, on Saturday. (AP)


  • Region: Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah reportedly told President Obama the Kingdom would prop up Egypt’s Mubarak if the US withdrew its aid program.  (Reuters)
    • In a telephone call on 29JAN, Abdullah urged the US not to humiliate Mubarak.
  • Egypt: Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit announced Egypt’s army could step in to protect national security if “adventurers” try to take power. (Reuters)
  • Iraq: About 3,000 lawyers demonstrated in Iraq to demand better services, jobs, and the end of human rights abuses in prisons. (AP)
  • Yemen: Michael Leiter, director of the US National Counterterrorism Center, said US-Yemeni cleric and terror suspect Anwar al-Awlaqi poses “probably the most significant risk” to the US. (AFP)


  • World: Executives at Google and Facebook reportedly met with Twitter for “low-level talks” on the possibility of an acquisition deal. (AFP)
  • China: Hackers working in China broke into the computer systems of five multinational oil and gas companies to steal bidding plans and other critical proprietary information. (Reuters)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone Warning
    • Location: 460 NM North of La Reunion.
    • Movement: NW at 1 knot.
    • Maximum wave height: 16 feet.
    • Maximum winds: 45 knots.
    • MAP
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


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