ONS: 08 November 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on November 8, 2011


  • AFRICA: Liberia saw more violence ahead of elections
  • AMERICAS: Mexican police arrested a Tijuana cartel leader
  • ASIA: Afghan suicide bombing killed at least 11
  • EUROPE: Two Turkish policemen wounded by PKK attack
  • MIDDLE EAST: Syrian security forces kill at least two in Homs
  • TECHNOLOGY: Barnes & Noble entered tablet market with up-gunned Nook


  • Europe: Debt crisis faced crucial votes in Italy, Greece
    • Italian PM Berlusconi was placed under intense pressure to resign in advance of a vote on public finances in parliament.
    • The two ruling Greek political parties failed to reach a power-sharing agreement for a new prime minister despite intense negotiations.
    • The political uncertainty in Italy and Greece rattled European markets.
    • Coverage: WaPo, Reuters, WSJ


  • Burundi: President Nkurunziza fired six cabinet ministers for poor performance. (Reuters)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: Opposing political factions clashed in Lumbumbashi. (AFP)
  • Liberia: An opposition boycott and sporadic violence overshadowed today’s presidential run-off elections. (Reuters)


  • Bolivia: Diplomatic relations were restored with the US. (AP)
  • Mexico: The army dismantled a synthetic drug laboratory near Mexico City. (EFE)
  • Mexico: Authorities captured a Tijuana cartel leader, Juan Rochas. (AP)


  • Afghanistan: A roadside bombing in Baghdis province killed at least 11. (Al Jazeera)
  • Thailand: The government ordered additional evacuations in Bangkok as flood waters encircled the city. (Bloomberg)
  • Pakistan: The US placed additional restrictions on the CIA’s use of drones strikes. (LA Times)


  • France: The government proposed a new set of austerity measures in a bid to avoid debt contagion. (NYT)
  • Russia: A suspected militant was killed in a clash with policemen in Makhachkala. (ITAR-TASS)
  • Turkey: Two policemen were wounded by a PKK attack in the south. (Xinhua)


  • Region: Israeli Defense Minister Barak dismissed speculation over a potential military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. (Reuters)
  • Iran: Foreign Minister Salehi stated that the West had “no serious proof” that his country had a nuclear weapons program. (RFE\RL)
  • Iraq: Two policement were killed and nine wounded in bomb and gun attacks in Fallujah and Baghdad. (Xinhua)
  • Syria: Activists reported security forces killed at least two in Homs after storming a residential district. (AP)


  • Tablet Computing: Barnes & Noble revealed a Nook Tablet, entering it in competition with the iPad and Kindle Fire. (AP)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Depression 24W
    • Location: 120 NM E of Hue, Vietnam
    • Movement: NE at 7 mph
    • Winds: 30 mph
    • Map
  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone 04A
    • Location: 465 NM ENE of Cape Guardafu, Somalia
    • Movement: WNW at 5 mph
    • Winds: 45 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes (A): Subtropical storm Sean
    • Location: 460 miles SW of Bermuda
    • Movement: Stationary
    • Winds: 45 mph
    • Map
  • Earthquakes: Northeast of Taiwan
    • Magnitude: 6.9
    • Depth: 209.5 km
    • Map
  • Volcanoes: El Hierro, Spain
    • Continued eruption, tremors, homes evacuated. (AP)


  • Global: APEC economic leaders meeting held in Honolulu, US.
  • Cambodia: Independence day celebrated – 1953.
  • Pakistan: IMF officials begin visit to Pakistan.
  • United States: Arraignment of USS Cole bomber in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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