ONS: 08 March 2011

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Overnight News Summary

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08 March 2011



  • AFRICA: Al Jazeera received footage of Libyan army officers killed for refusing to fire on rebels.
  • ASIA: A night raid resulted in 3 killed Taliban insurgents and 14 detained in Afghanistan.
  • EUROPE: The US deployed warship USS Monterey to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • LATIN AMERICA: 23 Colombian subcontractors for Talisman Energy were kidnapped.
  • MIDDLE EAST: Jordan’s Islamic Action Front called for the dissolution of the parliament.
  • TECHNOLOGY: A book of tweets from the 25 Jan Egyptian revolution will be published.



  • Pakistan: A large blast at a gas station in the central Punjab province killed 20 people and injured 100 others.
    • The car bomb exploded in a neighborhood full of government buildings, and also damaged nearby buildings.
    • Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility.
    • Coverage: AFP, AP, Xinhua
    • Iran: The Assembly of Experts replaced Ayatollah Rafsanjani as its assembly chairman.
      • The move will most likely bolster the hardliners around Ahmadinejad who have tried to quash dissent that emerged after the 2009 presidential elections.
      • A Press TV satellite broadcaster said 63 members of the 86-member assembly voted in favor of Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Kani, 80, to replace Rafsanjani.
      • Coverage: (NYT)



      • Libya: A fighter jet launched an air strike yards from houses on the edge of rebel-held Ras Lanuf; there were no casualties or damage. (AFP)
      • Libya: Al Jazeera received footage that supposedly revealed Libyan army officers were killed for refusing to fire on the rebels. (Al Jazeera)
      • Somalia: Pro-government forces closed in on the insurgent Shebab group, in the largest coordinated effort in years. (AFP, Agencies)



      • Afghanistan: Special operations units executed a night raid last night leading to 3 killed Taliban insurgents and 14 detained in Helmand province. (Xinhua)
      • Korean Peninsula: Seoul announced plans to deploy more fighter jets, helicopters, artillery, and advanced spy aircraft to better prepare for potential attacks by North Korea. (AP)
      • Thailand: The government claimed violence is escalating in its insurgency-hit deep south following a series of bomb and gun attacks last Tuesday. (AFP)



      • Region: The US deployed warship USS Monterey, capable of shooting down ballistic missiles, to the Mediterranean Sea to protect Europe from a potential Iranian nuclear threat. (CP)
      • Spain: Police foiled two major ETA attacks intended to both blow up Madrid’s “twin towers” and to kill the Basque prime minster, which were planned for 2010. (DPA)
      • Spain: A judge ordered the prosecution of 6 Basque separatists and two former ETA leaders for training with the FARC in the Venezuelan jungle. (AFP)



      • Colombia: 23 Colombian subcontractors for Canada’s Talisman Energy were kidnapped in Guerima; the air force launched a search in the region and are focusing on the possibility of a FARC retaliation for an unsuccessful extortion attempt. (Dow Jones)
      • Mexico: Police arrested 2 alleged drug bosses – Marcos Carmona alias “El Cabrito,” of the Zetas cartel in Oaxaca state, and Benjamin Flores Reyes, alias “El Padrino,” believed to be a key member of the Independent Acapulco Cartel. (Reuters)



      • Iran: The IAEA urged Iran to cooperate and provide “credible assurance” of its nuclear program’s “peaceful activities.” (AFP)
      • Iraq: Security forces thwarted an attack on the Beiji oil refinery. (AP)
      • Jordan: The Islamic Action Front called for the dissolution of the parliament. (VOA)
      • Yemen: Live ammunition was used to disperse anti-government protesters in southern and eastern governorates. (DPA)



      • USA: A publisher will release a book of tweets from the 25Jan Egyptian revolution titled, “Tweets from Tahrir.” (AFP)



      • Cyclones: Nothing to Report
      • Hurricanes: Nothing to Report
      • Earthquakes: Nothing to Report
      • Volcanoes: Kilauea, Hawaii
        • Lava spewed 65 feet into the air.



      • Global: Western Christians celebrate Ash Wednesday to mark the beginning of Lent.
      • Russia: Vice President Biden meets President Medvedev in Russia.
      • Tunisia: Court rules on dissolution of Ben Ali’s party.
      • USA: Senate hearing on Free Trade Agreements with Colombia, ROK, and Panama.




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