ONS: 08 February 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on February 8, 2011


  • AFRICA: US set to recognize Southern Sudan in July
  • ASIA: Karzai confirms US seeking permanent bases in Afghanistan
  • EUROPE: Chechen warlord claims responsibility for Moscow airport bomb
  • LATIN AMERICA: Haiti issues diplomatic passport to ex-leader Aristide
  • MIDDLE EAST: Iranian opposition leaders want to stage rally for Egypt, Tunisia
  • TECHNOLOGY: U.S. has secret tools to force internet on dictators


  • Egypt: Mubarak formed a panel to pilot constitutional changes: VP
    • There will be a commission to oversee constitutional amendments and legislative amendments.
    • The Committee to Protect Journalists claimed the military was not allowing journalists into Tahrir Square.
    • Protester numbers dwindled to 1,000 last night in Tahrir Square and there were still less than 10,000 in the square during the day on Tuesday.
    • Coverage: AFP, AP, UPI


  • Cameroon: Rebels in the Bakassi Peninsula kidnapped 11 local government officials, including a mayor, in a pirate attack while two gendarmes on shore were killed in the oil-rich region. (Reuters)
  • D.R. Congo: UN envoy Roger Meece said the UN-backed Congolese army severely weakened the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda. (Reuters)
  • Sudan (Southern): President Obama said the US would grant recognition of the new state in July. (DPA)


  • Afghanistan: President Karzai confirmed the US is seeking to establish permanent bases in Afghanistan that will only be used to hunt Al Qaeda and the Taliban after the 2014 withdrawal date.
    • Karzai stressed the bases would not be used as a launch point for attacks against other countries. (DPA)
  • Korea Peninsula: Military officials between the two countries held talks for the first time in four months to discuss setting up high-level talks. (LAT)
  • Pakistan: American Ambassador Munter met with President Zardari last night to reiterate the request to release of Raymond Davis who shot and killed two Pakistanis. (CNN)


  • Region: The International Crisis Group warned that Armenia and Azerbaijan could go to war over the region of Nagorny-Karabakh as cross-border shootings, a break down in peace talks, and an arms race have escalated tensions. (AFP)
  • Hungary: The government agreed to amend the controversial media law that restricted freedom of the press. (AFP)
  • Russia: In a video on a Chechen rebel website, leader Doku Umarov claims responsibility for last month’s airport bombing and also threatens more violence if Russia does not leave Chechnya. (AP)


  • Haiti: The government issued a new diplomatic passport to former president Aristide enabling him to end his exile in South Africa. (AFP)
  • Venezuela: A hunger strike entered its second week as protesters outside the OAS office in Caracas called for the release of two opposition lawmakers, Biagio Piglieri and Jose Sanchez. (AFP)


  • Iran: Former opposition presidential candidates, Mousavi and Karroubi, wrote a letter to the Interior Ministry asking for the right to peacefully protest in support of democratic causes throughout the region. (CNN)
  • Jordan: Dozens of tribesmen, usually supporters of the monarchy, called for urgent political reform or the country would head in the same direction as Egypt and Tunisia. (NYT)
  • Saudi Arabia: Activists seeking political and economic reforms created a group on Facebook that has nearly 2,000 members. (AFP)
  • Yemen: Police arrested 12 protesters after firing warning shots when demonstrators against President Saleh gathered in the southern city of Aden supporting secession from the country. (AFP)


  • The US military has capabilities to restore Internet connection to countries if a government-imposed blackout occurred, though it could be considered an act of war. (Wired)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report.
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Solomon Islands
    • Magnitude: 6.2
    • Depth: 413.9 km
    • Map
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


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