ONS: 08 December 2010

by TRG Alerts Admin on December 8, 2010


  • AFRICA: Russia blocked the UNSC’s validation of Ivory Coast election
  • ASIA: US Adm. Mike Mullen appealed for Chinese intervention in Korea situation
  • EUROPE: Russia to join WTO next year
  • LATIN AMERICA: Hatian protesters take to streets amidst election run-off
  • MIDDLE EAST: Israeli rabbis warn against renting properties to non-Jews
  • TECHNOLOGY: Internet Explorer provides no-track feature


  • Israel: US drops effort on settlement freeze
    • This came after US officials concluded that Netanyahu was unable to persuade his cabinet to accept the freeze.
    • The administration’s Plan B has yet to be revealed, but a speech by Secretary Clinton later this week could offer a preview.
    • Coverage: NYT, Washington Post


    • Ivory Coast: Russia blocked a UN Security Council statement certifying the election with Alassane Ouattara as the victor. (BBC, Reuters)
    • Ivory Coast: The FM appointed by the self-declared President predicts a power-sharing deal between the two factions. (AP)
    • Liberia: President Johnson-Sirleaf warned Liberian rebel fighters not to intervene in Ivory Coast election. (BBC)
    • Nigeria: In an effort to counter President Goodluck Jonathan, the former military ruler Ibrahim Babangida threatened to leave the ruling party before the April elections. (Reuters)


    • Region: Admiral Mike Mullen asserted DPRK military drills destabilize the region and renewed the call for China to intervene. (NYT, Guardian, Bloomberg)
    • Region: Russian warplanes flew close to US-Japanese military drill and briefly interrupted it. (Reuters, RIA Novosti)
    • Australia: In an interview, FM Kevin Rudd questioned US security and blames the US for the WikiLeaks disclosures. (BBC)
    • Pakistan: A suicide bomber killed 15 people in the northwest. (AP)


    • Region: The European Commission announced that Russia will be admitted into the WTO next year. (FT, AP)
    • Russia: The number of terrorist attacks in the N. Caucausus doubled in the past year to 14. (RIA Novosti)
    • UK: According to released cables, Libya had threatened violent actions against Britain if it did not release the Lockerbie bomber. (AFP, Guardian)


    • Colombia: The government declared a state of emergency after heavy rains caused a landslide that killed over thirty individuals and buried hundreds of others. (Xinhua, AFP)
    • Haiti: Protests erupted after the announcement that there will be a runoff between the governing party candidate, Jude Celestin, and the former First Lady, Mirlande Manigat. (BBC, Reuters)
    • Haiti: Nepal condemned a study linking its UN peacekeepers to the cholera outbreak. (AFP)


    • Iraq: A roadside bomb in Karbala wounded seven Iranian pilgrims. (AP)
    • Israel: Rabbis warned against Jews renting properties to non-Jews. (AP, CNN)


    • Microsoft: New feature of Internet Explorer allows users to opt-out of tracking by certain websites. (NYT)


    • Cyclones: Nothing to report.
    • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
    • Earthquakes: Mindanao, Philippines
      • Magnitude: 6.1
      • Depth: 69.6 km
      • Map
    • Earthquakes: South Sandwhich Islands
      • Magnitude: 6.5
      • Depth: 17.3 km
      • Map
    • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


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