ONS: 08 August 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on August 8, 2011


  • AFRICA: Aid agencies prepared to deliver relief to Somalia despite continued fighting
  • AMERICAS: Colombian police destroyed 22 FARC drug labs across the country
  • ASIA: A bomb attack wounded 10 Pakistani soldiers in Waziristan
  • EUROPE: Rioting continued in North London; over 100 arrested
  • MIDDLE EAST: Launch of Iran’s Bushehr reactor delayed
  • TECHNOLOGY: AntiSec released info obtained from US law enforcement hack


  • Syria: Crackdown continued
    • Syrian forces continued their assault on the town of Deir El-Zour, using tanks and artillery.
    • Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Syria, citing the violence against civilians.
    • Coverage: NYT, WaPo, VoA
  • Libya: Heavy fighting across the country
    • The opposition reported it had defended the town of Bir Al Ghanam from an assault by government forces.
    • Government forces launched an offensive against the town of Zlitan.
    • Coverage: Reuters, BBC, AFP


  • Somalia: Small scale skirmishes between government and militant forces continued in Mogadishu as aid agencies prepared for a large supply drop to take place on Monday. (DPA)
  • Sudan: Chinese FM Jiechi pledged his country’s continued support for the Sudan during a visit to Khartoum. (AFP)


  • Colombia: President Santos announced his country would seek “better tactics” to employ against FARC guerillas. (Reuters)
  • Colombia: Police officials announced they had destroyed 22 drug labs operated by FARC across the country. (LAHT)


  • Pakistan: Security officials announced that they had killed more than 200 militants over the previous month in the Kurram tribal area. (AP)
  • Pakistan: A bomb attack wounded 10 soldiers in Waziristan. (AFP)


  • Region: The ECB expanded its purchasing of Spanish and Italian debt, stabilizing interest rates on bonds in both countries. (NYT)
  • United Kingdom: Over 100 were arrested after a second night of rioting in London. (AFP)


  • Iran: The launch of the Bushehr nuclear reactor was delayed due to apparent difficulties with Russian support for the project. (AP)
  • Yemen: The opposition issued a statement denying any connection to the attack that seriously injured President Saleh in June. (Xinhua)


  • Cybersecurity: Over 10GB of information taken by the AntiSec hacking group from law enforcement agencies across the US was posted online. (ComputerWorld)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Storm 11W (Muifa)
    • Location: 160 NM WNW of Seoul
    • Movement: N at 12 knots
    • Winds: 50 knots
    • Map
  • Cyclones: Tropical Storm 12W (Merbok)
    • Location: 870 NM E of Yokosura, Japan
    • Movement: NE at 20 Knots
    • Winds: 60 knots
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


  • Indonesia: ASEAN Economic Ministers meet.
  • Global: International Day of the World’s Indigenous People – 1994.
  • Nigeria: Pan African Health Summit meets in Abuja.


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