ONS: 07 January 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on January 7, 2011


  • AFRICA: Ivory Coast expelled Canadian, UK ambassadors
  • ASIA: China and US expected to resume military ties
  • EUROPE: Russia warned against US criticisms of Nemtsov detention
  • LATIN AMERICA: Raul Castro shuffled Cuban cabinet
  • MIDDLE EAST: Iran not expected to be nuclear before 2015
  • TECHNOLOGY: New Apple Mac App store already hacked


  • US: Pentagon faces cuts on defense spending
    • Secretary Gates announced trimming the defense budget by $78 billion  over the next five years.
    • Part of the cuts would require the reduction of the Army and Marine Corps.
    • The proposed budget for 2012 – excluding the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – would be $553 billion, which represents less than a 1% increase over the 2011 budget.
    • Coverage: Washington Post, LA Times


    • Ivory Coast: Incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo expelled the Canadian and British ambassadors after their countries refused to recognize Gbagbo’s appointed ambassadors. (BBC)
      • The US Department of Treasury also imposed financial sanctions on Gbagbo, his family, and supporters. (Xinhua)
    • South Africa: The government has temporarily stopped deportations of its 1.5 million Zimbabwean immigrants, vowing to instead to work on procuring their legal status within the country. (Bloomberg)


    • Region: US special representative for North Korea, Stephen Bosworth, met with both Japanese and Chinese officials and pressed for the resumption of six-party talks soon, marking a shift in US’s “strategic patience” policy toward the DPRK. (NYT, Washington Post)
    • China: In a visit to the mainland next week, Secretary Gates is expected to announce a resumption of military-to-military exchanges which were halted by Beijing a year ago when the US sold arms to Taiwan. (AP)
    • Laos: Vang Pao, and exiled Laotian general and Hmong leader who aided the CIA during the Vietnam War, died in the U.S. at the age of 81. (BBC, AFP)
    • Thailand: Opposition leaders are courting Yingluck Shinawatra, sister to the exiled former premier Thaskin Shinawarta, to run against the incumbent prime minister. (AFP)


    • Belarus: Leaders drew the ire of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for charging 25 opposition leaders and protestors and jailing hundreds more. (AFP, RIA Novosti)
    • Russia: Authorities warned the US that relations between the two countries would be jeopardized if the US continues with its criticism of Russia’s jailing of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. (RIA Novosti)


    • Cuba: President Raul Castro removed his information minister, a veteran of the Cuban revolution, in a cabinet shuffle that included the removal of other top officials. (AFP)
    • Venezuela: The Venezuelan parliament continued a diplomatic standoff with the US with its rejection of Larry Palmer as the U.S. ambassador. (Xinhua, AFP)


    • Region: In a triumph for US-led sanctions against Iran, Israeli Mossad director Meir Dagan expressed doubts that Iran could produce a nuclear bomb before 2015. (Reuters)
    • Iran: Tehran authorities admitted to arresting dozens of Christian converts since Christmas, in what has become a widespread targeting of Christians throughout the Middle East. (WSJ, AFP)


    • Apple: Within 24-hours of launching its new Mac App store, pirates have hacked into the store’s security system and installed illegal apps. (International Business Times)


    • Cyclones: Nothing to report
    • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
    • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
    • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


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