ONS: 07 February 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on February 7, 2011


  • AFRICA: Sudan braced for historic announcement
  • ASIA: Karzai issues new call to NATO
  • EUROPE: Basque separatists launch new party, criticize ETA’s violence
  • LATIN AMERICA: 17 killed in Mexico drug violence
  • MIDDLE EAST: Iraq’s Maliki doesn’t rule out a third term
  • TECHNOLOGY: Viruses hit almost one-third of EU internet users


  • Egypt: Government, Banned Islamists Meet
    • Vice President Suleiman met with members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    • Suleiman also agreed to relax media restrictions, ease detentions, set up a committee to redraft election laws and consider lifting a draconian state of emergency.
    • Still, the Muslim Brotherhood and other elements of the protesters were not satisfied and were to remain protesting.
    • Coverage: WSJ, NYT


    • Sudan: The final results of Southern Sudan’s referendum will be released today, confirming the 99% vote in favor of independence. (AFP)
    • Tunisia: Interior Minister Fahrat Rajhi is seeking to abolish the party of deposed President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)


    • Region: Cambodian PM Hun Sen called for the UN to establish a buffer zone between his country and Thailand as fighting between the two countries occurred for the fourth straight day. (BBC)
    • Afghanistan: President Karzai urged NATO countries to end the use of provincial reconstruction teams, as it threatens central government control. (UPI)
    • Afghanistan: A NYU report details that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, while political allies, are not ideological allies and there is friction between the two. (NYT)


    • Romania: The IMF and EU provided the country with a fresh credit line of 5 billion euros after an emergency loan helped the country exit the crisis. (AFP)
    • Spain: The banned political wing of ETA said it formed a new political party that rejects using violence and intends to contest in elections. (DPA)


    • Brazil: Hundreds of police and military occupied nine slums in central Rio de Janeiro that had been in the hands of drug traffickers. (AFP)
    • Colombia: Soldiers confiscated a weapons cache belonging to the FARC in Putumayo in the southern part of the country. (EFE)
    • Mexico: Seventeen people were killed over the weekend in northern Mexico, nine of them in Ciudad Juarez. (AFP)


    • Egypt: Two Egyptian security members were injured when their barracks in Rafah were attacked by unknown militants using rocket-propelled grenades. (DPA)
    • Iran: Commander Jafari, head of the Revolutionary Guards, said the country is mass-producing anti-ship ballistic missiles with a range of 185 miles. (AFP)
    • Iraq: PM Maliki has not ruled out running for a third term, even though he supports the constitutional amendment for two terms.
      • Also, more than 1,000 protesters gathered in Baghdad, Basra and other cities calling for better services and an end to corruption. (WSJ)


    • One third of Internet users in the EU last year experienced computer viruses, while 3% lost money through online crime. (AP)


    • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone 12P (Zaka)

      • Location: 550 nautical miles NE of Auckland, NZ.
      • Winds: 40 – 50 knots
      • Movement: SSW at 22 knots over the past 6 hours.
      • Map
    • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
    • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
    • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


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