ONS: 07 December 2010

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  • AFRICA: Obama urged Gbagbo to cede power in Ivory Coast
  • ASIA: S. Korea called for military fortresses at disputed islands
  • EUROPE: NATO has drawn up plans to defend Baltic States from Russia
  • LATIN AMERICA: Costa Rica shuttered its embassy in Nicaragua
  • MIDDLE EAST: Israel angry with Argentinian recognition of Palestine
  • TECHNOLOGY: US soldiers vulnerable to identity theft
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  • UK: Wikileaks founder is arrested
    • Julian Assange voluntarily surrendered to British police and is expected to face extradition hearings on sexual assault charges in Sweden.
    • He is due to appear in court in later today.
    • This comes the same day that Wikileaks vowed to release more documents.
    • Coverage: NYT, LAT


  • Guinea: The government shortened a curfew imposed on citizens and reopened its air and sea borders. (Reuters)
  • Ivory Coast: President Obama again urged President Gbagbo to cede power to the legitimate winner of the election, Alassane Ouattara. (AFP)
  • Ivory Coast: The UN is moving over 450 non-essential staff to Gambia amid fears of growing tensions and violence in the nation. (BBC)


  • Region: The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement urging continued international talks with the DPRK. (BBC, Reuters)
  • Korea, South: President Lee called for the creation of “military fortresses” on the five islands near the disputed sea border with the DPRK. (AP)
  • Pakistan: Local and international journalists appealed to the Taliban to stop attacks in public places to avoid casualties of other journalists and civilians. (Xinhua)


  • Region: NATO has drawn up plans to defend the Baltic States against Russia, according to leaked diplomatic cables. (BBC, Reuters, NYT)
  • Russia: President Medvedev ordered air defense and missile systems to be integrated by December 2011. (RIA Novosti)


  • Region: Costa Rica withdrew its diplomats from Nicaragua amid a border dispute. (Xinhua)
  • Mexico: A recently arrested 14-year old hit-man is an American citizen. (CNN)


  • Iran: The government has signaled the possible release of two German reporters in time for the holidays. (Reuters)
  • Israel: The Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning Argentina’s recognition of Palestine; claiming it damages the peace talks. (AP, LAT)


  • US: The military requires soldier’s to use social security numbers for daily identification purposes and these soldiers; therefore, are more likely to be the victims of identity theft. (NYT)


  • Cyclones: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Hurricanes:  Nothing to report.
  • Volcano: Nothing to report.
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