ONS: 05 January 2011

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  • AFRICA: Ivory Coast military blockade still in place says Ouattara camp
  • ASIA: Afghan security forces launch offensive against insurgents
  • EUROPE: Resurgent Turkey flexes its muscles around Iraq
  • LATIN AMERICA: Haiti presidential runoff ‘impossible’ this month
  • MIDDLE EAST: Kuwaiti premier survives confidence vote
  • TECHNOLOGY: Cyberattacks on company websites intensify


  • Pakistani scholars say mourning slain governor risky
    • Five hundred religious scholars warned that anyone who mourned the death of the Punjab governor could suffer the same fate because they would be seen as well in opposition to the blasphemy law.
    • Human rights groups say the law is often exploited by religious conservatives, though the law has widespread support and most lawmakers do not oppose it because they are unwilling to be seen as soft on Islam.
    • Coverage: Reuters, DPA, CNN


  • Region: Analysts say the African continent is uneasy with Sudan’s sovereignty situation because it calls into question the legitimacy of the current borders in Africa. (AFP)
  • Ghana: President Atta-Mills replaced his justice minister after Minister Mould-Idrissu lost major government cases. (AFP)
  • Ivory Coast: A spokesman for Ouattara said that Gbagbo broke his promise to mediators to lift a military blockade where Ouattara is located. (DPA)


Afghanistan: Domestic forces partnered with international forces launched the 18-month long Operation Omid, focused on defeating Taliban forces in the southern and eastern parts of the country. (DPA)

Philippines: Forces wounded and captured communist rebel leader of the northern island of Luzon, Tirso Alcantara. (DPA)


Region: Europe increased security around Coptic churches, as the diasporas have faced an increased threat. (AP)

Turkey: The country is exerting its influence in Iraq through the use of soft power; culture, education and business. Turkey has broader influence in Iraq than Iran does, though not deeper. (NYT)


Haiti: The runoff election will not be able to happen until the end of President Preval’s term in late February, according to the electoral council. (AP)

Venezuela: President Chavez was agreeable to the U.S.’s idea to nominate a new ambassador instead of Larry Palmer. (AP)


Region: Iran’s new Foreign Minister Salehi visited Iraq to improve ties and also spoke about Iraq’s cooperation in tackling the Sunni insurgent group, Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, that launches attacks on Iranian soil. (AP)

Kuwait: Prime Minister al-Sabah survived a no-confidence vote, with 25 MPs supporting him and 22 MPs against him. (AFP)


The volume and sophistication of distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks on company websites will increase in 2011 and will cause greater frustrations. (USATODAY)

A supposed Christmas card from the White House was actually a cyber attack that attempted to tap into law enforcement data. So far, no classified information has been compromised. (AP)


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Loyalty Islands

  • Magnitude: 6.3
  • Depth: 135.9 km
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