ONS: 04 January 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on January 4, 2011


  • AFRICA: Ouattara camp denies it has agreed to meet Gbagbo in Ivory Coast
  • ASIA: Pakistani governor killed in gun attack
  • EUROPE: Belarus releases detained presidential candidate
  • LATIN AMERICA: Official: Zetas drug gang had base in Guatemala
  • MIDDLE EAST: Iran invites EU, other nations to visit nuke site
  • TECHNOLOGY: The age gap narrows on social media usage


  • Pakistan: Opposition gives Pakistan PM ultimatum on reform
    • Nawaz Sharif, the country’s main opposition leader, gave PM Gilani 72 hours to agree to key reforms or face expulsion from government.
    • Initially the main opposition party, the Pakistan Muslim League-N, said it would not back a no-confidence vote against the prime minister.
    • Though a PML-N spokesman said that if the government collapses, it collapses.
    • Coverage: AFP, AP


    • Ivory Coast: Ouattara denied he will talk with Gbagbo after Kenyan PM Odinga said talks are a possibility. (DPA)
    • Nigeria: RiskIntelligence, a Danish maritime security group, said piracy and attacks on oil installations were likely to increase this year after the April elections. (AFP)
    • Sudan: President Bashir said that he will support an independent southern Sudan if it chooses to secede from the country in elections on Sunday. (AP)


    • China: The China National Nuclear Corporation’s successful ability to reprocess spent nuclear fuel in an experimental reactor gives it the potential to ensure long term energy security while also replacing coal. (AFP)
    • Korea, North: US envoy Bosworth arrived in Seoul and hopes negotiations begin regarding North Korea’s artillery attack on the South. (AP)
    • Pakistan: Police say the governor of Punjab province was killed by his own guards in Islamabad. (AP)


    • Belarus: Authorities freed one of five opposition presidential candidates held since two weeks ago after demonstrations against the election results. (Reuters)
    • Hungary: Newspapers Nepszabadsag and Nepszava protested against a new media law that gives the government the right to regulate media content. (AFP)
    • Russia: U.S., Canadian and Russian military leaders will meet in February to potentially setup another air-hijacking exercise, though political conditions might stop the exercises. (AP)


    • Region: Guatemalan Interior Minister Menocal said the Mexican group Zetas set up a base in the border province of Alta Verapaz and is in the midst of a two-week old campaign against the group. (AP)
    • Argentina: The government warned that British military exercises and oil prospecting around the Falkland Islands present an “insurmountable obstacle” to continuing agreements between London and Buenos Aires. (AFP)
    • Venezuela: Larry Palmer, the U.S.’s original choice for Ambassador to Venezuela, will be re-nominated in the new Congress. (AFP)


    • Iran: The country confirmed that it invited Russian, Chinese, and select European ambassadors from the IAEA to view its nuclear sites before the six party talks. (AP)
    • Yemen: President Saleh warned opposition groups to participate in the national elections on April 27 in front of international observers, or face political suicide. (AFP)


    • A Pew Research study found that gains in social media use are occurring most in older ages, with users between 55-64 increasing their usage from 9% in December 2008 to 43% in May 2010. (Fast Forward Blog)


    • Cyclones: Nothing to report
    • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
    • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
    • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


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