ONS: 03 May 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on May 3, 2011


  • AFRICA: Switzerland found $1 bil in Gaddafi, Mubarak, Ben Ali assets
  • ASIA: S. Korea conducted live fire drills on border with N. Korea
  • EUROPE: Romania and US discussed missile defense
  • LATIN AMERICA: Honduran court dismissed charges against former president
  • MIDDLE EAST: Bahrain arrested two Shiite former MPs
  • USA/CANADA: Canadian conservatives won parliamentary elections
  • TECHNOLOGY: South Korean police raided a Google office


  • Libya: Fighting raged in Western Mountains
    • Gaddafi forces intensified their attack on the town of Zintan.
    • NATO undertook a sweep of Misrata harbor to locate a drifting mine.
    • 2000 Gaddafi supporters vowed revenge at an alleged funeral for his son.
    • video of the “funeral” was shared on social media.
    • Coverage: Al JazeeraBBCReuters – 1Reuters – 2, WaPoWSJ


  • Region: Switzerland found nearly $1 billion in “illegal assets” linked to Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali. (AFP)
  • Mauritiania: Authorities tightened security around western embassies in Nouakchott. (Xinhua)
  • Somalia: 26 were killed in battles between government forces and al Shabaab rebels for control of a southwestern town. (AFP)
  • Sudan: A miltary convoy illegaly entered the border district of Abyei, sparking a clash that killed 12. (AFP)


  • Region: Indonesia hosted maritime security drills to address piracy and human trafficking. (Xinhua)
  • Afghanistan: NATO ground and air operations killed 25 militants. (DPA)
  • Korean Peninsula: South Korea conducted livefire drills near its sea border with DPRK. (AFP)
  • New Zealand: A tornado hit Auckland, killing at least two and injuring dozens. (DPA)


  • Region: Romania and the US agreed on a site to install missile defenses. (AP)
  • Italy: Police arrested a mayor, town councilors and two electoral candidates in anti-mafia raids in Calabria and Naples. (AFP)
  • Russia: A bomb blast in downtown Moscow injured a police officer. (RIA Novosti)
  • Spain: The Basque National Party withdrew support for the minority government. (AFP)


  • Region: A Mexican navy ship docked in Havana as part of its a 2011 training cruise. (EFE)
  • Argentina: Angry mobs in Buenos Aires burned train cars in at least three stations after long commuting delays. (AP)
  • Honduras: A court dismissed charges against former President Manuel Zelaya. (AP)
  • Mexico: Around 17,000 indigenous people in Michoacan declared a “siege” against armed gangs. (AFP)


  • Bahrain: Authorities arrested two former MPs from the Al Wefaq Shiite main opposition group. (AFP)
  • Iraq: A joint US-Iraqi force captured three al Qaeda members near Baquba. (Xinhua)
  • Syria: Authorities arrested over 1,000 in a new security clampdown. (AP)
  • Yemen: Thousands of protesters across the country demanded that President Ali Abdullah Saleh step down. (AP)



  • Canada: Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper won a majority in parliamentary elections. (AP)
  • USA: The US Army Corps blasted a Mississippi River levee to prevent the flooding of Cairo, Illinois. (AP)


  • Korea, South: Police raided a Google office to investigate if the company used its mobile phone advertising platform to illegally collect private data. (AFP)



  • Cyclones: Nothing to report.
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Volcanoes: Shiveluch, Kamchatka.
    • Spewed ash 6,000 meters above sea level. (Xinhua)


  • Africa: World Economic Forum on Africa held in Cape Town.
  • Madagascar: Presidential elections.


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